15.01.2011 Musti & Mirri puppy Cup, Lohja
Americanakita judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland

Midian's Zumba Puppy Class 1, HP, BOB-puppy

Zumba visited her first show and it went quite well. Zumba was tired and was the last one to drop out from a group placement, but what can you do. Thanks to the judge for the very nice critique. It's good to go on from here.


Thank you Mervi for the pleasant travel companion and congratulations for Ellsa's honour prize. Im sure these girls will have many competitions ahead and placements will change. Ellsa is very pretty girld, I liked her.

It was nice trip because I didn't have to drive at all. Mervi took care of that. Wonderful and thanks! Big thanks to Heli who let us stay night at her home and letting us use the sauna ;) See you again.

International show 8.-9.1.2011 Kajaani

American Foxhound judge Gunnar Nyman, Denmark

Midian's Allan Kiarry Junior class S
Midian's Aurora Kiarry Junior class VG/1
Kiarry's Jeeze Louise Champion class EXC-1 BB-1 CACIB BOB

Americanakita's judge Kirsi Laamanen, Finland

Midian's Xemplary Junior class EXC-2
Midian's Xpected Junior class EXC-3
Readbear's Allways In My Heart To Midian's Champion class EXC-1 SA BB-3

Outdoor hall was tricky with its different ground and foxbabies wouldn't move on it. So there were no hope to success. But critiques were promising and the judge liked Aurora more than her mother Weezer. But because she didn't lift up her head, we were in trouble. More training ahead. Structure and appearance got thanks from the judge. Next time with better luck. Weezer was best of breed with cacib.

Nothing bigger in Americanakitas. Youngers got excellent and Alice was 3rd.. I think size was the big issue here... Dogs with tall legs won here.

Trip was nice. We spend too much money at sales with Kata. Thanks for the nice trip Kata and other who we met at show. No pictures this time.

Winner of the year 2010 competition's results

2. Midian's Piece Of Art 54 p.
4. Senseo Black Wizard 48 p.
9. Midian's Piece Of Magic 32 p.
12. Midian's Warrior Of The North 11 p.
12. Midian's King Of The North 11 p.
14. Readbear's Gentle Star To Midian's 8 p.


2. Readbear's Allways In My Heart To Midian's 47 p.
5. Midian's On Cloud Nine 35 p.
12. Midian's Talk About Love 16 p.


1. Midian's Xemplary 33 p.
3. Midian's Xpected 8 p.
3. Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad 8 p.


1. Timberlake Bear 17 p.
(picture coming later)

2. Midian's kennel 121 p.

In top adult competition points were calculated from 5 different judges. Puppies' points were calculated from 3 different puppies with 3 different judged. In top breeder competition points were calculated from breeder's 5 most winning adults. Breeder's class placements in show didn't count.

Congratulations to all placement dogs! Wonderful! Pertti's second placement was great, congratulations Päivi and Mauri! Emma's win at top puppy competition was a great start, congratulations Kata! Big congratulations Ruuti's first placement at hounting competition. Well done Erja and Jyrki!

All Midian's dogs owners didn't remember to send their dogs points. Male puppies results were missing and lots of others. Well, next year with new results!

Welcome New Year 2011!

Summary of year 2010 news

First of all I want to thank all my friends and Midian's dogs owners and others from last year. Thank you all for the nice moments we have spend and thanks all the support and cheer what we have needed in passing year. Congratulations to all great achievements in life and with dogs. Take care and lots of joy to new year.

Last year gave us 4 Finnish Champions, 1 Russian Champion, 1 Lithuania Junior Champion and 1 Tracking Champion in Cockerspaniels.

Beside all the champions Midian's dogs got 21 CAC's, 9 CACIB's, 12 Best of Breed, 8 Best Opposite Sex, few group placements and one Best In Show win at Americanakita Speciality's.

X-litter collected success at Puppy shows. Midian's Xemplary was multiple BOB-puppy and placed in group and in BIS ring.

Midian's Americanakita breeder class won 8 times BOB-breeder's class, one time Best In Show 3 at Speciality and 3 times Best In Show!

And beside these, all the dogs that I have bought were also very successefull, exc. Alice and Äijä in Americanakita's and Bob and Weezer in American Foxhound's.

Big success in Midian's dogs. One is, of course, Pertti, FIN CH Midian's Piece Of Art, who was BOB in Americanakita speciality, out of 75 Americanakitas. At the end of the show, Pertti was Best In Show. Judge was respected Patricia Gilliard from USA. Pertti is now won best head -competition two years in a row (2009 and 2010). Congratulations and big thanks to owners Päivi Silomäki and Mauri Lielahti.

My co-owned girl 'Tytti' Midians's Talk About Love got 2 CAC's last year. The other CAC was from american judge at breed Speciality. Tytti also won Americanakita's Summer Show's Best In Show, beating 29 other Americanakitas. Congratulations Mervi and Wilhelmiina Lehto. Well handled Wilhelmiina!

Impi, Midian's In Your Heart is like a wine - she keeps getting better while growing older. Impi finished her Finnish Champion title at older age. Congratulations to Mervi and Wilhelmiina again.

My own girls Lola and Alice had wonderful year. Both girls are now Finnish Champions and Alice was BOS at Americanakita Speciality. Thanks to Alice's breeders to Russia.

Male Mökö, Midian's Quiet Black Bear got best male placements, two CAC's, one BOB and one CACIB. Its good to go on from here. Congratulations to Heidi and good luck!

Our golder boy Äijä, Senseo Black Wizard did great at those few shows he went. Äijä won TOP 20 competition, which was a competition between most succesefull Americanakitas at 2009. Äijä got invitation to Champion of Champions gala to this year also, but he won't go. To our biggest fright Äijä has SA. Time will show does he respond to medications.
This news is like a bomb to our breed, because same dogs are behind many Americanakitas. At specially behind English lines and the most succesesfull dogs. And the scariest fact is that Americanakita is still very young breed in Finland and time brings us all kind of diseases. Specially at Finland, because we bring to light all the problems.

Midian's Urban Legent, who live in Riga, got many wins and is now at least Junior Champion. Congratulations to Han and Sandra.

We have had mostly great success at American Foxhoud rings. The breed is still very unknown and it takes time. Judges "knowledge" is very interesting in this breed. Luckily there are some judges who really know and cares about this breed. I didn't expect everything to fall right in to my arms. But with time Im sure Foxhounds gets better placements. Thanks to all for your support. And mostly I thank Bob and Weezer's breeder for these amazing dogs! Puppies still need developements but they are looking great at their age. Time will tell us more, and this year will.

I cheer, thank and congratulate all my young bred dogs and their owners to have a great year 2011.

Thanks to all my friends equally. The main thing is not shows and success, but healt, good temperament and other qualities. I appreciate them all equally and I hope your dogs have brought joy to your lifes. I hope I will hear from my dog's offsprings news along their life. Maybe with some photos to put to my websites. And it would be very nice to hear from Cockerspaniel people too. Even if the news are not good.

Promising puppies were send to lovely homes and to abroad to concure the world. Luck and success to all aspects of life!

Welcome new male "Vito" Great Flame's Fearless Midian's. This boy's breeder is Erika Häkkinen from Finland. We will tell more of him later. Vito is wonderful boy. Thank you Erika.

Year 2010 really wans't easy. There were sorrow and worries, mine and others. Lot of time was spend and with friends help things started to look better. For us the hardest thing was Niko's, Midian's Aki-Ice Diamond, passing away. Niko lived his last years at my friend Nina's family. Niko was the dog of my life and I will never have another like him. With honour he lived and died, no suffering, no pains. Thanks to Nina and her family with everything.

Year 2010 ended with dear Khan passing away. Khan suffered from lyme disease what he got from a tick. He also had thyroid hypofunction. In spite of his medication his legs didn't last and there were nothing we could do. So Khan was put to sleep. He was too young, I would have wanted to keep him for many years more. Thanks to all of you to your support and attendance for the both of the boys. Thanks Seinäjoki vet.

I hope health, luck and success to all to year 2011!

Hello to Midian's site readers. Johanna have been updating these sites and now I'm continuing her job. I own Japanese Akitas and one Bouvier des Flandres. I'm updating few other sites also and I hope possible changes pleases all visitors. Happy New Year to all! Regards, Emilia Honkanen

Juno and Martta


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