NEWS 2011

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RU JW, RU & BLR CH Midian's Zulu "Lora"

Saturday 26.11.11 Minsk
judge Vondrous Otacar
Midian's Zulu "Lora" CC, Res-CACIB

Sunday 27.11.11 Minsk
judge Hansuridze Revaz
Midian's Zulu "Lora" CC, CACIB, BOS

Huge congratulations Svetlana and Roma for Lora's great success! We'll see you at January!
Thanks to judges.

3.-4.12.11 Helsinki Winner 2011 and Winner 2011

Judge Lilian Christensen, Denmark (Saturday)
judge Unto Timonen, Finland (Sunday)

Senseo I Am Yours "Yami" Puppy Class 1 HP BOB-puppy
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" INTERM. EXC-1 SQ

Senseo I Am Yours "Yami" Puppy Class 1 HP BOB-puppy
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" INTERM. EXC-2 SQ

This years winner shows I decided to take easy, with only two dogs from one breed :) Last year's trip with 5 dogs all by myself was so awful that this year I only signed two dogs.

Yami was best of breed puppy both days with wonderful comments from the judges. Zumba didn't have full coat, but I was entered her so I took her along anyway. Althoug intermedia class is a kind of bad class between juniors and adults (open) classes.

At Saturday Zumba won her class and at Sunday she was second. Both of the days she got excellent with SQ. At Sunday we got a "zumba day" at the ring... Zumba doesn't like at all these two-day shows. Well, you shouldn't take too seriously these shows, she is still a young dog. Now she can grow her coat till spring and we'll see her next beauty competitions then. Bold "bikini-look" we have seen now.

I handled Finland's most successfull American Akita male, owner/breeder Päivi Silomäki, the hansom Kallionahteen Kulkuri "Krossari" at the ring. At Saturday we were third and Sunday fourth best male. Not bad because the top males were really good, like their handlers. Next year Krossari will be a father to one of my litter if everything goes like planned. Krossari is very nice and sweet boy.
Thanks to judges.

Thank you my friends for the nice weekend. And the most I thank Sini with all the help at this weekend. She worked just great... We had many funny things with some troubles, of course... My new great purple show cart didn't fit to my car, etc. Luckily Rantamäki's couple took it the their car and I will get it later. Warm thanks to my "cocker time" friends. Thank you Sini and Timo to letting me crash at your place this weekend. Your new house and yard was great. Nice to live there with children and dogs.

Congratulations to all dogs with new titles, I'm so happy that this years shows are over!

Here is some photos taken by Maarit Haavisto and Sini Vartiainen. Thanks for the pictures.


19.-20.11.11 INT Jyväskylä

Judge Liz Dunhill, Great Britain (Saturday)
Judge Wesley McCrum, Irland (Sunday)

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" INTERM. EXC-1 SQ BB-3 Res-CACIB

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" INTERM. EXC-2 SQ BB-4

Me and my aunt went to Jyväskylä international show. We didn't have any bigger expectations with only half-coated Zumba girl. A coat is very important thing to an American Akita. If there is no under coat the appearance changes dramatically.
Zumba did great still and at Saturday she was 3th best bitch and at Sunday after her circus number 4th best bitch. I don't know what happened but at Sunday Zumba didn't performe at all, she just jump around. The audience and the the judge was having fun, I wasnt. You should really think how to name your pets... Nomen est Omen. Let's Zumba...
Thank you my friends for a funny day and greetings to Russia, Julia and Olga. Congratulations Pena's offspring success at Saturday.
Unfortunately there are no pictures.
Thanks to judges.

Greetings from Russia!


There are Pena's beautiful daughter (Virgine Tender Girl) in the pictures. She has a lot of success from shows and she is now Russian, Georgia, Bulgarian, Macedonia and Serbian Champion, Balkan Winner, best female at Nippo Dow Show 2011 and Americanakita Golden Cup Italy 2011.

Pena's hansom boy Hard (Wildbear Human Heart) has also been successfull and he is now Russian, Serbian and Bulgarian Champion.

My friend Julia Strekoza is these dogs breeder. Thank you Julia for the pictures. You can see more pictures of Niko's, Brawley's and Sagu's offsprings at here.
Hard's own pages can be found in here.


RU JCH Midian's Zulu "Lora"

Huge congratulations to Svetlana and Roma for Lora's great success. Missy looks great. Good luck to next shows and we'll see you at spring :)
Thanks to the judges.

29.10.11 Seinäjoki INT

judge Gunilla Sandberg, Sweden (American Akita)
judge Markku Mähönen, Finland (American Foxhound)

American Akita:

Midian's Zorro "Arco" JUN EXC1
Readbear's Einstein "Pedro" JUN EXC2


Midian's Zumba "Zumba" INTERM. EXC2 SQ BB2 RES-CC RES-CACIB
Readbear's Givanshi To Midian's "Geri" INTERM. EXC3
Kulmakuusen Madara VET EXC1 BOB-Veteran

American Foxhound:

Midian's Alvaro Kiarry "Alvaro" INTERM. EXC1 SQ BM1 CC BOS
Kiarry's Jeeze Louise "Weezer" VAL EXC1 SQ BB1 CACIB BOB

Thank you all for a lovely weekend here in Ostrobothnia. It was truly wonderfulto see so many friends! Shows went quite good, better than I even dared to expect in home field;) Well... Zumba made a fool of herself in the ring with her tricks, but never mind because young lady has many opportunities in the future and it can't be always fun. Maybe the trip to show was too short, only 10 km and all there was still energy to jump around. Second place on bitches was excellent on that behavior. Dara grandma was stylish and she was BOB-Veteran. Handsome males Arco and Pedro got both excellent and also beautiful Geri. Good luck on the next shows.
Thank you to the judge.

American foxhounds Alvaro and Weezer won very elegantly. Alvaro got CAC, CACIB and BOS and he's mother Weezer won the breed with CACIB. Many thanks to my friend Reetta for handling. Thanks also to the very professional judge.

Thank you Reetta for a super fun weekend. We got many different tasks done here at my dog camp ;) Congratulations on great success to Suski and Reetta on Valtti's Group Win. Awesome!

Shows for this year are about run out. Just a couple important trips to go :) And then it's time to start planning for next year's challenges... alias "vacation from shows, please".

Shame that we were so lazy this time with the camera and the only pictures we have are from fabulous Arco (Midian's Zorro). Thank you owner Sofia Boij for pictures and for the great handling to Sofia's sister, unfortunately I forgot the name already.

Greetings from USA!

Midian's Yours Destiny "Yasmin" and her daughter Masa-Mune's Vision Of Love Midian "Keeper"


Thank you Karen for the lovely pictures, Yasmin and her promising daughter looks great!

23.10.11 Lohja puppy show

judge Saara Sampsakoski, Finland

5-7 month male puppies
Senseo I Am yours "Yami" PUP1 HP BOS-puppy


We went to practise Yami for his first indoor show, and he was cool with it. Yami got a good judgement, with honour prize and he was bos puppy. Winner was the same beautiful girl who won us a month ago. Congratulations to Terra and her team.
The trip were nice, but a little too far away. But what you wouldn't do for practise :)
Thanks to judge.

Greetings from Muhos!

Thank you Katri for the great Ando boy, we couldn't get any better :)
Greetings Marjo


Thank you Marjo for your greetins, Ando looks great!
Ando (Midian's Xtra Cool)

Season greetings

Autumn greetings from Liminka, specially to Rolle's breeder and his sister Sandra
wishes Mia and Rolle


The hansom male in the pictures is 7,5 years old Rolle (Fin CH Midian's First Samurai)

Thank you Mia for the pictures, Rolle is gorgeous and in great shape for his age!

16.10.11 Czestochowa, Poland

Midian's Ask´n Finigan To Tango "Darken" BOB-junior, BOB, BIS-2-junior


Huge congratulations for Darken's great success to Blanka and Michal I'm really proud of you! A big victory of 1100 dogs entered, WOW. Darken is now also a new Poland Junior Champion. Good luck and lots of success to coming shows.

25.9.11 Tampere, puppy show

judge Saara Sampsakoski, Finland

5-7 month male puppies
Senseo I Am yours "Yami" PUP1 HP BOS-puppy


I took Yami to puppy show to practise. Little man got honour prize and was BOS-puppy. Yami charmed the judge and the crowd by being so cute. Thank you all for your nice words. I'm interested to see what kind of boy Yami will be. Congratulations to older puppies winner Tera and her owners, well done Laura. Tera was BOS and BIS-3 puppy.
Thank you Mika and family for show company and the beautiful pictures.
Thanks to judge.

18.9.11 SSKY's American Akita Speciality

judge Chris McLean, Scotland, Melodor kennel
(66 American Akitas)

My owned and bred dogs results:

5-7 month male puppies (total 13 puppies at baby and puppy classes)

Senseo I Am Yours "Yami" PUP1 HP BM2


Males (total 19, only 6 dogs got SQ)

Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" JUN G
Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Pedro" JUN VG
Midian's General Tiger "Nemo" CHAMP EXC
Midian's Quiet Black Bear "Mökö" CHAMP EXC


Females (total 34, only 6 got SQ)

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" JUN EXC1 SQ BB1 CC BOB, BIS4, Best Tail
Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" JUN G
Midian's Xemplary "Emma" INT G
Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad "Geisha" INT VG
Midian's Rave On Nanooks OPEN VG
Midian's On Cloud Nine "Lola" CHAMP EXC3
Kulmakuusen Madara "Dara" VET EXC1 BOB-veteran





The long waited American Akita Specialty Show was here! I spent Friday night and Saturday morning washing and grooming dogs. I had 5 dogs of my own entering, Yami puppy, Zumba junior, Geisha Intermediate, Lola Champion and Dara in Veterans...Almost only bitches this year, because all the males at home had no coat.

Everything started to look good on Saturday and the plan was to be in Heinola by evening, there were my friends waiting with their motor homes and all for me and Heidi to arrive. Heidi was already driving to my place when I had to call her that our schedule might change... Irina was starting to give signs that the puppies were coming. So I had to spent the Saturday - Sunday night making sure everything would be okay. After 5 puppies my team at home promised to look after the rest and we finally were able to leave for the show. All together Irina had 7 puppies and everything went great.

We drove the whole night with our dog carrier to Heinola. My van freezes in every uphill road and we were there at early Sunday morning. Sorry my friends, but this time nothing went as we planned. It would have been something, if I was to be somewhere in time... It's funny how most of these show trips have the way of going wrong just when you are about to start the car. Well at least I was feeling good... some of the friends looked not so good in the the party must have been good ;)

We had 9 dogs with us, so it was quite a job to walk them all before the show and we got about one hour of sleep. Pretty hard, but it's normal that you don't get much sleep on dog show weekends. We are a pair of commandos with Heidi.. this was nothing compared to the weekend we had in Kuopio last year, where we spent 3 days in +30 degrees Celsius in one small tent with the same amount of dogs or more...we almost died in that heat. So good that it wasn't hot this time.

And now about the actual topic,
Show was judged this year by prestigious Scottish breeder Chris McLean / Melodor Akitas. Unfortunately I don't have any better introduction of the judge, but link to her homepage can be found from my links. There you will find how successful she has been with her Akitas, not only in shows and handling but also in breeding.

There were 66 American Akitas entered in the show. Puppies 13, males 19 and bitches 34. Chris judged professionally, she was also very pleasant and sympathetic. Have to say that at least on my dogs she found good and bad sides of the dog, the same qualities as I know. Overall my dogs succeed was quite good, when taking into consideration how young most of them were. Amazing as it was Zumba won it all, being BOB and in the end Best In Show-4 judged by Juha Putkonen! Zumba also won the extraclass "Best Tail". Zumba is still a Junior and her coat wasn't even all back yet, so I am extremely thankful to Chris on this victory. Feels amazing to win Specialty Show once again. Dogs from Midian's have won the Specialty Show many times, males or bitches.. So that if anything makes me want to keep going on with this lovely breed and continue breeding.

Dara was Best Of Veterans. Dara is mother, grandmother or great-grandmother of many of my dogs, that are International Champions. For example Zumba's great-grandmother.
Yami won baby-puppies male-class and performed like he had been always in the ring. You wouldn't have guessed it was he's first time in dog show.
Lola was 3rd in Champion-class and Geisha got "very good" because of her head. The head will still develop and I know It will never be the kind that my dogs usually have, because I'm used to the American-head. As a whole Geisha is a very beautiful dog; body, movement and structure are gorgeous and she will give me qualities for sure, which I will be needing in my future breeding. And there are many judges that will like her.
My co-owned dogs Pedro and Emma didn't have the best day.. Emma's two lopsided teeth dropped her. Reason for Pedro's "very good" we don't know, cause it didn't come clear from the critique. Good luck on future for Hanna and Kata, this was only one show.

I was the only one who had the chance for Breeder-class, but I said to one of my dogs owner that they can absolutely leave, because they had a sick child home. So this year there were no Breeder-class awarded. It wouldn't have been so important anyway, because I've won it many times before and the types and colors of the dogs were so different among each other.

Best of luck to all who succeeded, especially to Sisu and owners for BOS. Thanks to all you owners of Midian's dogs who came to this show..there were so many of you. Warm thank you to Chris on my dogs success, all your encouraging words and of course Whisky, that she gave to the winner as a personal gift. Can't bare to open it :) And thank you Juha Putkonen for Zumba's BIS-placement.


Thank you friends for all your help, and to all you who helped me with handling (don't even remember all you...) my dogs and keeping up a good spirit. Thank you Sini for the cake, it was so good and looked great. Thanks also to Hanna for good pastries, they were delicious. Extra trophies were made possible by Suvi and Jari / Mikkelin Ykköspalkinto, thank you for those! We donated trophies together for every dog which had EXC and HP. Thank you Heidi for everything, it was a hard weekend but we did it again. For pictures I thank Mika and Maarit! Hope everybody got their thank you's who were supposed to get them and thank you all who congratulated me in Heinola, on email and on facebook.

Yippeeee, next year we have our very own Specialty Show, just for American Akitas, which brings along many new extra competitions / classes and prices.

4.9.11 Sastamala

judge Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania

Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Pedro" JUN EXC1 SQ BM2 CAC
Midian's Rare One "Romeo" OPEN EXC1 SQ BM3 Res-CC

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" INTERM. EXC1 SQ BB1 CC BOS
Midian's Asking To Salsa "Martta" JUN VG
Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" JUN G


We left early with Hanna and dogs to drive to Sastamala. I would have wanted to stay in bed.. but this hobby is this. Rings are usually at the morning, long distance means lot of driving etc.. We ate breakfest at Shell and the mood grew.

It wasn't pointless trip. Mine and Hanna's co-owned boy Pedro was second male with CAC, congratulations Hanna. My bred male Romeo was third male with Res-CAC. Congratulations Saila.

Kallionahteen Kulkuri was BOB and finally BIS-2. Congratulations. Junior girls didn't get much from the show. Judge liked coat, but it was changing.. I think girls can develope a little bit before next shows.

Zumba shine again. She was best female, BOS with CAC... Olavi's other daughter from kennel Tamozen was second best female. Congratulations Katri! These half sisters were the only females who got SQ and could compete with cac. Thanks all my friends, it was fun day. Hanna and I laughed all the way back home, like always. Thanks Mika Tuomola for your quality photos. Some of the photos are my own.
Thanks to judge.

27.8.11 Sievi

judge Sakari Poti, Finland

Midian's Alvaro Kiarry "Alvaro" INTERM. EXC1 SQ CC BOB BOG-3!!
Midian's Aurora Kiarry "Aurora" INTERM. EXC1 SQ CC BOS


These baby foxes starts to be in that developing period when it's okey to start showing them. A little growing time was in place. Next year will show what kind of success we will get... I still need to practice ring behaviour with them, but there are lot of inprovements happen since Kajaani ;) Which was a sircus. I handled Paavo's Lilli-Beagle in the ring, and she was best female with BOS. So really successful day behind! Thanks Kati for the photo help and company, it was nice to talk with you.
Thanks Paavo and of course thanks to the judge who knows the breed.


I have imported a new male puppy at the beginning of this summer, of course from Denmark from Heidi and Anders, kennel Senseo. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Welcome to Finland Senseo I Am Yours "YAMI"!!

Yami's father is the great Senseo It Feel So Right "Matrix" who is now in second place at Dannish dog show competition. Last year Matrix won JW-10 and W-10 titles from Finland and he has several group and BIS placements. He was Best in Show puppy at World Dog Show 2010.

Yami's mother is gorgeous and successfull NordJW-08 DK CH Redwitch And Why Not "Kelly". I think I don't have to tell any more about Yami's magnificent pedigree, because everyone knows it's full of quality dogs. We will see what the future brings and how Yami developes.

21.8.11 Heinola

judge Annamaria Tarjan, Hungary

Midian's Unique Bear "Han" OPEN VG
Lepoparta Muwatallis "Roope" OPEN VG

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" JUN EXC1 SQ BB1 CC BOS
Midian's Black Pearl "Brenda" JUN G
Midian's On Regal Rouge "Oona" OPEN VG


judge Kirsi Nieminen, Finland

American Foxhound
Midian's Alvaro Kiarry INTERM. EXC1

My show break is over and I started with 2 days show. One would have been enough... I took Roope and Zumba (american akitas) and Alvaro (american foxhound) with me to the shows.

Shows went great with my friends. Sandra came all the way from Riga with Han (Midian's Unique Bear). Han is super sweet and calm male, a true American Akita. I loved him so much and I hope to see puppies with Han and a suitable female. His pedigree is great.

Both of the boys, Han and Roope, got 'very good', but our miss Zumba won females, got herself a CAC and was BOS. Alvaro (Am. Foxhound) was BOB with CAC at saturday, so we didn't need to go home with empty hands :) The only reward you got from hard work with dogs, is a success and friends, new and old ones. Reetta and Suski, congratulations Alaskan Malamute Valtti's success! Big thanks for all your help Reetta!!
Thanks to the judges.

Warm thanks to Minna and Pasi for letting me crash at your place. Good luck with Tetsu (M. Eternal Sunshine) and new baby sister (M. Ginger). Tetsu will be a great big sister.

The next night we spend with my friends Sini and Simo... and we had a great time, good food with all the laughing. The pink grill is Top1 thing ;) Thank you Sandra for the nice cake, we enjoyed it :) Thanks Simo for being our cook and helping with all the show things, I wouldn't make it by my self. Sini, I hope the "blond" is expecting :) see you!

Thanks dear friends! Congratulations to the winners!

20.8.11 Kouvola

judge Jens Utke Ramsing, Denmark

Midian's Unique Bear "Han" OPEN VG
Lepoparta Muwatallis "Roope" OPEN VG

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" JUN EXC2
Midian's On Regal Rouge "Oona" OPEN VG

judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Spain

American Foxhound
Midian's Alvaro Kiarry INTERM. EXC1 SQ BD1 CC BOB


Siikajoki 13.8.11

judge Rainer Vuorinen, Finland

Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" INTERM. EXC2
Readbear's Givenchy To Midian's "Geri" JUN EXC1

Ando and Geri got excellent, good luck to next shows Joni and team.
Thanks to the judge.

Kittilä 6.8.11

judge Tuula Savolainen, Finland

Midian's Baywatch Babe "Saaga" JUN VG1
Midian's Xpected "Aune" INTERM. VG1

All dogs got "very good" at here. Heads up girls and towards new challenges...
Thanks to the judge.





Zumba is young, but still she has Junior Champion titles from three different country. She also has been 5 x Best of Breed, BIS-3 junior, 2 BOG-4 and BOG-5.

Thank you Katariina Lahikainen, my dear friend, for making all this possible by taking Zumba along with your trips. She has also handled Zumba nicely. Warm thanks also to our other friends for handling Zumba. It's a great place to continue and plan new things.
Thanks to the judges.

23.7.11 Haapsalu, Estonia

judge Maja Korosec, Slovenia

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" JUN EXC1 Jun-CC BOB-Junior BOB BOG-4


Thanks Kata to make this possible. Zumba is now Junior-Champion of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Baltic. Next she starts to compeed adult's CCs and CACIBs etc., right Kata ;)
Zumba is still young and she is now hurry, let her develope. Zumba will start show rings at Finland this autumn, she has only been competing in puppy rings before.
Thanks Kadi-Liis Säre for handling Zumba.
Thanks to the judges.

16.-17.7.11 Oulu

16.7., judge Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner, Austria
Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" INTERM. EXC1 SQ BM3 Res-CC
Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Pedro" JUN VG

Readbear's Givency To Midian's "Geri" JUN EXC2 SQ BB3
Midian's Asking To Rumba JUN VG
Midian's Roxy Roxanne "Roxy" OPEN VG

17.7., judge Jari Forss, Finland
Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Pedro" JUN EXC1 SQ BM3 Res-CC
Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" INTERM. EXC1

Readbear's Givency To Midian's "Geri" JUN EXC2 SQ
Midian's Roxy Roxanne "Roxy" OPEN VG
Midian's Asking To Rumba JUN G

Congratulations to all who are pleased with the results. Some of the dogs are still very young so let them develope and grow coats back. We were at our cabbin relaxing, but next month I'll start shows again with dogs whos coats are ok. Show break has been great :) but I'm starting to miss my friends!
Thanks to the judge.

15.7.11 Liminka

judge Martha Heine, Germany

Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" INTERM. EXC1 SQ BM2 Res-CC

Readbear's Givency To Midian's "Geri" JUN VG
Midian's Asking To Rumba JUN G

Congratulations Ando's res-cc. Ladies could wait until their coats are back ;)
Thanks to the judge.

10.7.11 Kemi

judge Hannu Talvi, Finland

Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" JUN EXC1

Readbear's Givency To Midian's "Geri" JUN EXC1 SQ CC BOS
Midian's Asking To Rumba JUN EXC2


Big congratulations to Sumen family to all of their dogs success, specially Geri's first CC and BOS victory, great and thanks! Best of breed was Ebba's and Khan's son Sisu from my friend Eija's kennel Mei Hung. Congratulations Eija and owner Maarit. I hope you can soon celebrate Sisu's champion title!
Thanks to the judge.

3.7.11 Kokkola

judge Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway

Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Pedro" JUN VG


I went to Kokkola show with Hanna and Pedro. This time with no bigger success, promising critique anyway... We had a great time, of course :) We met our friends and ate well. And that is the main thing when on a diet... ;) Thanks Hanna for the nice trip! Geisha wasn't entered because she had no coat.
Thanks to the judge.

3.7.11 Karjaa

judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland

Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" JUN EXC1 SQ BM3 Res-CC

Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" JUN VG

Congratulations Suvi for Puuki's res-cc, good luck Anni and Kirppu, this time this way :)
Thanks to the judge.

3.7.11 Juva

judge Marianne Baden, Denmark

Midian's Xplode "Poju" JUN EXC2

Congratulations Pike for Poju's excellent. Good luck to next shows, I hope we can meet when I come to shows at there!
Thanks to the judge.

2.7.11 Tuusula

judge Maria Teresa Durando, Italy

Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" JUN VG

Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" JUN EXC1 SQ BB2 CC
Midian's Xemplary INTERM. EXC1 SQ BB3 Res-CC

Best wishes to Anni and Kirppu for her first CC and to Kata and Emma for her Res-CC. Good luck to next shows Suvi and Puuki, no worries, Puuki has already one CC at home ;)
Thanks to the judge.

11.6.11 Pieksämäki

judge Barry Makepiece, England

Midian's Asking to Boogie "Puuki" JUN EXC1 SQ BM1 CC BOS


Best wishes to Suvi and Puuki for his first cc and bos victory. Great job!
Thanks to the judge.

4.6.11 Russia, 2 shows

judge Adamovskaya
judge Gubina

Midian's Zulu "Lora" JUN 2 x EXC, 2 x Jun-CAC, 2 x BOB


Big congratulations to Golota's family for Lora's first junior results! Lora got two jun cacs and were best of breed in both shows... Lora wasn't shown in the finals this time. Good luck to next shows.
Thanks to judges.

Show greetings from Denmark

American Foxhound

8.5.11 Hilleröd, Denmark
judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland

Midian's Abril Kiarry "Abby" Interm. EXC/1 CAC CACIB BOB

24.4.11 Naestved, Denmark
judge Marina Ostrovskaya, Russia

Midian's Abril Kiarry "Abby" JUN EXC/1 CAC BOB


Wonderful Kristina and Abby for the great success! She has now 3 cac, 3 bob and a cacib from Denmark. Good luck and lots of success to the next shows and big thanks to professional judges.
Thanks Kristina for the pictures.

Still few very promising American Foxhound juniors looking for home. Please contact me (kennel Midian's) if you're interested a dog to shows and/or hobbies!!

2.6.11 Match Show greetings

Midian's Rosy Roxanna "Roxy" Best In Show!

Jenni and Roxy were also at match show and also Roxy was BIS winner. Big congratulations to Jenni and Roxy, well done! I don't know how many dogs were entered, but usually there are more than 100. I couldn't believe when I heard the fourth BIS winner at the same day. This is just great. The breed is amazing.

Thanks to all the judges to making this possible!

Midian's Teach Me Love "Hiro" Best In Show!

Also Sari surprised me today telling the third BIS winner :) Sari and Hiro were in a match show and Hiro won the big dogs serie and finally the whole show with his amazing movements... Just great, congratulations Sari and Hiro! About 100 dogs were entered to this competition.
This day has bring a lot of good publicity to American Akitas :)

Readbear's Givency To Midian's "Geri" Best In Show!

Marjo and Joni sent greeting from north... Our co-owned young lady Geri was also training in a match show. First she won all the pups and at the end the whole show making her Best In Show winner. There were about 100 dogs entered. Huge congratulations to Geri's team!

Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Pedro" Best In Show!

Hanna went to a match show to train with Pedro and she got out with Best In Show victory among huge applause! Pedro used his charm and all the judges and the audience fell in love with him. Outside the ring Pedro took it easy and lay down on his back making the audience laugh.

Great job Hanna ja Pedro!

29.5.11 Tuuri

judge Unto Timonen

Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Pedro" JUN EXC/1 SQ BM-3 Res-CC
Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" JUN EXC/2

Readbear's Givency To Midian's "Geri" JUN EXC/3 SQ BB-4


Congratulations Hanna Pedro's great placement. It went well, although you were nervous. Joni and Geri showed the first time and it went nicely. Im happy for you. Geri the beauty queen was best female four. Ando did nicely too, although he didn't get the SQ this time. Pictures speaks for it self, hi's a promising male! I had to stay home because I had a terrible flu. It's a pity because our danish lady Geisha is so good condition.. She just keeps getting better by the age. Thanks to judge and thanks Maarit for the pictures!

Spring greetings from Muhos!

Greetings to breeder and Geri's co-owner. See you at summer shows!


Pictures from the trio's spring match show victories: BIS 1, BIS 2 and BIS 5 :)

Thank you Marjo for the pictures and greetings! Marjo's and Joni's homepages are here: Kennel Nesinén (only finnish).

22.5.11 Radom, Poland

Midian's Ask'n Finigan To Tango "Darken" 1 HP BOB-puppy BIS 2 puppy!!


Big congratulations to Blanka and Michail Darken's big success. Darken is growing and developing very well. Also congratulations about Fenix's great success!
Copyright Finigan, thanks.


FI CH Midian's Quiet Black Bear "Mökö"

Big congratulations to Heidi for Mökö's Finnish Champion title! Well done Heidi!! Mökö is Khan's (Blak Jak's All Or Nothing) and Shina's (Midian's Chiyo Diamond) son. Mökö has a great temperament and his looks just keeps getting better by age.

Lapua 22.5.11

judge Markku Kipinä, Finland

Midian's Quiet Black Bear "Mökö" Open EXC/1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOS FI CH!!
Readbear's Einstein "Pedro" JUN VG

Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad "Geisha" JUN EXC/1 SQ BB-1 CAC BOB


Mökö got his last CAC and became new Finnish Champion with BOS placements. Great, congratulations Heidi! Our dannish beauty Geisha was best of breed with CAC. My co-owned boy Pedro, Pena's son, got very good because he's still a puppylike and needs more practise. Judge was quite hard, but I liked a lot of his arguments. Hanna, next time with better luck. Pedro is a stunning young male with lovely temperament and color.
Thanks to judge. Only these photos were good.

21.5.11 Hamina

judge Nina Karlsdotter

Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" PUP/1 HP BOB-puppy


Big congratulations to Suvi for Puuki's great success! Thanks Tarleena for handling help.
Thanks to judge. Pictures by Erika, thanks!


FI CH Midian's Talk About Love "Tytti"

Very big congratulations to family Lehto and specialy Wilhelmiina for Tytti's champion title! Wilhelmiina have been showing Tytti very successfully. Tytti's mother is Hupi (Midian's Julia Roberts) and father is Paavo (Finigan Ak-Tan Callahan To midian's)
Good luck and success to next shows!

14.5.11 Hollola

judge Harri Lehkonen, Finland

Midian's Talk About Love "Tytti" Open EXC/1 SQ BB-1 CAC BOB FI CH!!

Great shampion congratulations to Wiltsu and Mervi about Tytti's champion title. Way to go Wilhelmiina, just great! Next time you are visiting my home we have to celebrate!
Thanks to judge.

14.5.11 Äänekoski

judge Irina Poletaeva, Russian

Midian's Quiet Black Bear "Mökö" Open EXC/2 SQ BM-2 Res-Cac

Congratulations to Heidi and Mökö, not quite yet champion, but soon I hope.
Thanks to judge.

8.5.11 Isokyrö

judge Sakari Poti, Finland

Midian's Emberor "Leevi" Open EXC/1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOB BOG-3!!
Midian's Berenice "Tosa" Champ EXC/1 SQ BB-2 Res-CAC


We went to this "home show" for the support. This time I only showed few beagles but with great results. Leevi were BOB with group placement and Tosa were 2nd best female. Thanks Marja-Riitta for the merry company. Again we had to wonder the small world of dog people. Thanks and congratulations to Leevi's family!
Thanks to judge.

7.5.11 Tampere Int.

judge Katharina Schweizer, Switzerland

Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" PUP/1 HP BOB-puppy
Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad "Geisha" JUN VG


Thank you my friends for the nice day at Tampere. There were only one Midian's puppy at the show. Big congratulations to Anni and Kirppu! Our Geisha got very good and that made me and others around wondering the result... Well, next time with better luck.
Thanks to judge.

1.5.11 Lahti Puppy show

Puppy show, judge Juha Putkonen, Finland

Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" PUP/1 HP BOB-puppy
Midian's Asking To Salsa "Martta" PUP/1 HP BOS-puppy
Midian's Black Pearl "Brenda" PUP/3
Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" (no placement)

Kennel Midian's BOB-breeder


1.5.11 Group show, judge Luis Gorjåo-Henrigues, Portugal

Readbear's Einstein "Pedro" JUN EXC/2

Although it was a really cold day we had a very nice day with friends and Midian's dog owners. Puuki was best of breed puppy and his sister Martta was BOS. At group show there were only our co-owned Pedro who was way too american type to the judge, but we're still happy for his excellent. Thanks Hanna for the very funny travel company and thanks to all my helpers at the show. Best congratulations and thanks to all Midian's owners. You all have done a very good job with putting your dogs to show conditions and training good behavior in the ring. You have learned a lot, thanks!
Thanks to judges. Thanks Erika, Kata and Maarit for the pictures.

17.4.11 Czestochowa, Poland

Midian's Ask'n Finigan To Tango BOB-puppy Best In Show Puppy!!


Congratulations Blanka and Michail to Poland for Darken's BIS-puppy victory! Well done, good luck to future shows.

Darken looks very promising, I look forward to see what he turns up to be. Hopefully I have a time to travel to Poland at this year.
Thanks to judges.
Pictures by Finigan.Pl

9.-10.4.11 Rakvere, Estonia (2 shows)

10.4. judge Kresten Scheel

Midian's Zumba Jun-CC BOB-junior BOB

9.4. judge Marja Talvitie, Finland, BIS-Junior judge Kresten Scheel

Midian's Zumba Jun-CC, BOB-Jun, BOB, BIS-3-Junior!


Thanks so much Kata to take my Zumba to another show trip. Besides Zumba's young age, she has achieve a lot.

At Saturday Zumba was handled with great skill by Maarja Kalma. Warm thanks for the great show, specially at the BIS-junior ring. BIS-3-junior... There were 100 juniors competing!

At Sunday Kata and Zumba won BOB, but no success from the big rings. Zumba was already tired and didn't want to show herself anymore. Thanks Kata, you did your best. Zumba is only 11 months, so lets forgive her. Thanks to judges!

Pictures by Marion-Silvia Diener

9.-10.4.11 Vaasa INT

American Akita judge Paula Rekiranta, Finland

Midian's Asking To Rumba Puppy class 1


Midian's Xtra Cool Interm. class EXC/2 SQ BM4
Midian's Zorro Junior class EXC
Midian's Warrioir Of The North Interm. class VG

Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad Junior class EXC/1 SQ BB1 CC BOS
Midian's Simply The Best Open class VG


Thank to all for the nice show day. There were more or less Midian's bred dogs whos coats were changing. But be gratefull to good judgements and positive experiment. Good luck to future shows.

I only had one dog along, Geisha. And she did great by achieving her second CAC from her second show. Im very pleased. Geisha has grew and developed nicely. She still needs a bit show experiments.
Thanks to judge.
Pictures taken by Sari Palonen and Sofia Boij.

Thank Reetta for the funny weekend at my home and big congratulations Valtti's great BIS-2 victory! Congratulations to Suski for her breeding work with Alaskan Malamutes and great wins at the show!

19-20.3.11 Vilna, Lithuania (2 shows)

20.3. judge Elena Matveeva, Russia

Midian's Ask´n Finigan To Tango BOB-puppy

19.3. judge Matti Tuominen, Finland

Midian's Ask´n Finigan To Tango BOB-puppy

Big congratulatios to Blanka and Tango for the great start at puppy shows. Tango looks very promising and well developed. Good luck to future shows, expectations are very high! Thanks to judges. Thanks Blanka for the nice photos.

Puppy plans

Finaly good puppy news. Fin, S, Ru Champion Readbear's In My Heart To Midian's "Alice" has been mated with Kallionahteen Kulkuri "Krossari". More info at Puppies page!

Spring greetings from Halikko boys!

Thanks Heli for the pictures!

20.3.11 Lohja Puppy show

American Akita judge Esa Ruotsalainen, Finland

5-7 kk urospennut
Midian's Asking To Boogie Puppy class 2 HP

5-7 kk narttupennut
Midian's Black Pearl Puppy class 1 HP
Midian's Black Dahlia Puppy class 2 HP

Congratulatios for the promising judgements and honour prizes. Well done. Good luck to the next puppy shows! Thanks to judge.

Thanks to Sini Vartiainen for the pictures.

20.2.11 Lithuania

Americanakita judge Wyacheslav Werbitskij, Belarus

Midian's Zumba JUN EXC/1 SA JUN-CC BOB-Junior, BOB, BOG-5!
Finigan Ak-Tan Callahan To Midian's CHAMP. VG/1

19.2.11 Latvia

Americanakita judge Maja Korosec, Slovenia

Finigan Ak-Tan Callahan to Midian's CHAMP. EXC/1 SQ CC BOS = Champion of Latvia!
Midian's Zumba JUN EXC/1 SA Jun-CAC BOB BOG-4!

This was Zumba's first show in junior class and she was wonderful. Zumba is just over 9 months old and she was best of breed in both days, and she was also placed in group. BIS junior competition wasn't held at saturday and at sunday Zumba wasn't placed at junior group finals. But she was successful at group finals with adults and that was great. Paavo was best opposite sex at saturday, and with certificate he finished his championship title. This was great because he wasn't at his best coat.

Big thanks to Kata and Sini who took Zumba and Paavo along. Also thanks to Simo, Sini's husband, who was kind enough to help the girls with their luggage and dogs. Thanks Kata for the great handling with the dogs! Well done! Thanks to judges.

19.2.11 Lohja puppy show

Americanakita judge Säde Hohteri, Finland

Midian's Asking To Boogie PUP/1 HP BOS-puppy


Congratulations to Suvi and Puuki!
Thanks to the judge.

6.2.11 Keuruu

American akita judge Harry Tast, Finland

Midian's Zumba PEK/1 HP BOB-puppy
Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad JUN EXC/1 SQ BB/1 CAC BOB
Midian's Chenko Diamond VET VG

Zumba was best of breed puppy and Geisha was at her first official show best female with CAC and best of breed. No group placements to this lively miss. Judge liked Zumba very much and he were sorry that she was at puppy class, because she would have been the winner other wise. Geisha was the only American Akita who got SA.. We are very pleased for her success. Thanks to Reetta who took all the photos. Thanks to judge.

5.2.11 Parkano

American akita judge Paavo Mattila, Finland
American Foxhound judge Pekka Teini, Finland

American akita
Midian's Zumba PEK/1 HP BOB-puppy
Midian's Waterfall Wictoria INT EXC/1 SQ BB/2 Res-CAC
Midian's Piece Of Heaven AVO EXC/1 SQ BB/3

American Foxhound
Midian's Alvaro Kiarry JUN EXC/1
Midian's Aurora Kiarry JUN EXC/1 SA BB1 CAC BOB

At American akitas Rianna was second best female with Res-CAC at her first official show. Pilvi was third and Zumba was best of breed puppy. Thanks to the judge.

At American Foxhounds Aurora got CAC and was best of breed. Her brother Alvaro got excellent. We still have a lot to do with ring behaviour, but still I'm very pleased these young's success. Thanks to the judge.

30.1.11 Open Show, Lahti

American akita judge Kirsi Honkanen, Finland (38 American Akitas)

Males 5-7 months
Midian's Asking To Reggae PEK/1, best little male puppy, BM/2-puppy
Midian's Asking To Boogie PEK/4

Males 7-9 months
Readbear's Einstein PEK/1, best male puppy, BOS-puppy

Females 5-7 months
Readbear's Givanshi To Midian's PEK/1, best little female puppy, BB/2-puppy
Midian's Asking To Rumba PEK/2
(Puppy sisters Salsa and Samba didn't got any placements this time)

Females 7-9 months
Midian's Zumba PEK/1, best puppy, BOB-puppy BIS-puppy

Midian's Warrior Of The North INT/1
Midian's Real Reason OPEN/2
Midian's Piece Of Magic CHAMP/1 (to BM-competition)
Midian's King Of The North CHAMP/2 (to BM-competition)
Midian's Chenko Diamond VET/1 (to BM-competition) BOB-vet. BIS-veteran

Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad JUN/1(to BB-competition) BB/1 BOS!
Midian's Rave On Nanooks OPEN/2
Readbear's Allways In My Heart To Midian's CHAMP/1 (to BB-competition)

Kennel Midian's BOB-breeder, BIS-breeder

All the puppies from litter A had gorgeous bones and excellent expressions. Some of the has brindle stripes. Time will tell what future brings along. Thanks to the owners for the meeting. I was nice to see how the puppies were grown and developed.

Thanks to all the other Midian's dog owners and friends who came to the breed's own happening. It was a nice day.

At Open show only winner male and female was chosen, others didn't got any placements. At this year the winner was gorgeous Anzo (Mergitten Ace Of Club), who's mother is Impi from my litter I. Anzo's father is Sondaisa Ursus at Owelan. Congratulations to Anzo's owners and breeder for the victory. Geisha won all the females and were best opposite sex. Best puppy was my girl Zumba and BOS were my co-owned Russian import male Pekka. Congratulations Hanna. Chenko was best of breed veteran and he was in a good shape. Congatulations to the owners. Special thanks to the show organisation and big thanks to Erika for the pictures!

After the Open show started TOP 20 competitions, which included only 9 dogs. Pena and Alice were best at my dogs. Alice loose only to her partner who won the competition. Congratulations Laura to her boy Lukas victory! Judges were finnish Saija Juutilainen, Hilkka Salohalla and Matti Luoso. Thanks to the judges.

22.-23.1.11 Turku International show

American akita judge Chantal Mery, France

Midian's Xtreme JUN EXC-1 SQ BM-4

Midian's Talk About Love INT EXC-3

Congratulations to Minna and Luka for the great start at junior class! Tytti got only excellent at this time. Thanks to the judge.

Dog shows, how does it look so easy?

Read an article about dog shows.

15.01.2011 Musti & Mirri puppy Cup, Lohja

American akita judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland

Midian's Zumba PUP/1 HP BOB-puppy

Zumba visited her first show and it went quite well. Zumba was tired and was the last one to drop out from a group placement, but what can you do. Thanks to the judge for the very nice critique. It's good to go on from here.

Thank you Mervi for the pleasant travel companion and congratulations for Ellsa's honour prize. I'm sure these girls will have many competitions ahead and placements will change. Ellsa is very pretty girld, I liked her.

It was nice trip because I didn't have to drive at all. Mervi took care of that. Wonderful and thanks! Big thanks to Heli who let us stay night at her home and letting us use the sauna so much ;) See you again.

International show 8.-9.1.2011 Kajaani

American Foxhound judge Gunnar Nyman, Denmark

Midian's Allan Kiarry JUN T
Midian's Aurora Kiarry JUN VG
Kiarry's Jeeze Louise CHAMP. EXC-1 BB-1 CACIB BOB

Americanakita judge Kirsi Laamanen, Finland

Midian's Xemplary JUN EXC-2
Midian's Xpected JUN EXC-3
Readbear's Allways In My Heart To Midian's Champion class EXC-1 SQ BB-3

Outdoor hall was tricky with its different ground and foxbabies wouldn't move on it. So there were no hope to success. But critiques were promising and the judge liked Aurora more than her mother Weezer. But because she didn't lift up her head, we were in trouble. More training ahead. Structure and appearance got thanks from the judge. Next time with better luck. Weezer was best of breed with cacib.

Nothing bigger in Americanakitas. Youngers got excellent and Alice was 3rd.. I think size was the big issue here... Dogs with tall legs won here.

Trip was nice. We spend too much money at sales with Kata. Thanks for the nice trip Kata and other who we met at show. No pictures this time.

Winner of the year 2010 competition's results

2. Midian's Piece Of Art 54 p.
4. Senseo Black Wizard 48 p.
9. Midian's Piece Of Magic 32 p.
12. Midian's Warrior Of The North 11 p.
12. Midian's King Of The North 11 p.
14. Readbear's Gentle Star To Midian's 8 p.

2. Readbear's Allways In My Heart To Midian's 47 p.
5. Midian's On Cloud Nine 35 p.
12. Midian's Talk About Love 16 p.


1. Midian's Xemplary 33 p.
3. Midian's Xpected 8 p.
3. Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad 8 p.


1. Timberlake Bear 17 p.
(picture coming later)

2. Midian's kennel 121 p.

In top adult competition points were calculated from 5 different judges. Puppies' points were calculated from 3 different puppies with 3 different judged. In top breeder competition points were calculated from breeder's 5 most winning adults. Breeder's class placements in show didn't count.

Congratulations to all placement dogs! Wonderful! Pertti's second placement was great, congratulations Päivi and Mauri! Emma's win at top puppy competition was a great start, congratulations Kata! Big congratulations Ruuti's first placement at hounting competition. Well done Erja and Jyrki!

All Midian's dogs owners didn't remember to send their dogs points. Male puppies results were missing and lots of others. Well, next year with new results!

Welcome New Year 2011!

Summary of year 2010 news

First of all I want to thank all my friends and Midian's dogs owners and others from last year. Thank you all for the nice moments we have spend and thanks all the support and cheer what we have needed in passing year. Congratulations to all great achievements in life and with dogs. Take care and lots of joy to new year.

Last year gave us 4 Finnish Champions, 1 Russian Champion, 1 Lithuania Junior Champion and 1 Tracking Champion in Cockerspaniels.

Beside all the champions Midian's dogs got 21 CAC's, 9 CACIB's, 12 Best of Breed, 8 Best Opposite Sex, few group placements and one Best In Show win at Americanakita Speciality's.

X-litter collected success at Puppy shows. Midian's Xemplary was multiple BOB-puppy and placed in group and in BIS ring.

Midian's Americanakita breeder class won 8 times BOB-breeder's class, one time Best In Show 3 at Speciality and 3 times Best In Show!

And beside these, all the dogs that I have bought were also very successefull, exc. Alice and Äijä in Americanakita's and Bob and Weezer in American Foxhound's.

Big success in Midian's dogs. One is, of course, Pertti, FIN CH Midian's Piece Of Art, who was BOB in Americanakita speciality, out of 75 Americanakitas. At the end of the show, Pertti was Best In Show. Judge was respected Patricia Gilliard from USA. Pertti is now won best head -competition two years in a row (2009 and 2010). Congratulations and big thanks to owners Päivi Silomäki and Mauri Lielahti.

My co-owned girl 'Tytti' Midians's Talk About Love got 2 CAC's last year. The other CAC was from american judge at breed Speciality. Tytti also won Americanakita's Summer Show's Best In Show, beating 29 other Americanakitas. Congratulations Mervi and Wilhelmiina Lehto. Well handled Wilhelmiina!

Impi, Midian's In Your Heart is like a wine - she keeps getting better while growing older. Impi finished her Finnish Champion title at older age. Congratulations to Mervi and Wilhelmiina again.

My own girls Lola and Alice had wonderful year. Both girls are now Finnish Champions and Alice was BOS at Americanakita Speciality. Thanks to Alice's breeders to Russia.

Male Mökö, Midian's Quiet Black Bear got best male placements, two CAC's, one BOB and one CACIB. Its good to go on from here. Congratulations to Heidi and good luck!

Our golder boy Äijä, Senseo Black Wizard did great at those few shows he went. Äijä won TOP 20 competition, which was a competition between most succesefull Americanakitas at 2009. Äijä got invitation to Champion of Champions gala to this year also, but he won't go. To our biggest fright Äijä has SA. Time will show does he respond to medications. This news is like a bomb to our breed, because same dogs are behind many Americanakitas. At specially behind English lines and the most succesesfull dogs. And the scariest fact is that Americanakita is still very young breed in Finland and time brings us all kind of diseases. Specially at Finland, because we bring to light all the problems.

Midian's Urban Legent, who live in Riga, got many wins and is now at least Junior Champion. Congratulations to Han and Sandra.

We have had mostly great success at American Foxhoud rings. The breed is still very unknown and it takes time. Judges "knowledge" is very interesting in this breed. Luckily there are some judges who really know and cares about this breed. I didn't expect everything to fall right in to my arms. But with time Im sure Foxhounds gets better placements. Thanks to all for your support. And mostly I thank Bob and Weezer's breeder for these amazing dogs! Puppies still need developements but they are looking great at their age. Time will tell us more, and this year will.

I cheer, thank and congratulate all my young bred dogs and their owners to have a great year 2011.

Thanks to all my friends equally. The main thing is not shows and success, but healt, good temperament and other qualities. I appreciate them all equally and I hope your dogs have brought joy to your lifes. I hope I will hear from my dog's offsprings news along their life. Maybe with some photos to put to my websites. And it would be very nice to hear from Cockerspaniel people too. Even if the news are not good.

Promising puppies were send to lovely homes and to abroad to concure the world. Luck and success to all aspects of life!

Welcome new male "Vito" Great Flame's Fearless Midian's. This boy's breeder is Erika Häkkinen from Finland. We will tell more of him later. Vito is wonderful boy. Thank you Erika.

Year 2010 really wans't easy. There were sorrow and worries, mine and others. Lot of time was spend and with friends help things started to look better. For us the hardest thing was Niko's, Midian's Aki-Ice Diamond, passing away. Niko lived his last years at my friend Nina's family. Niko was the dog of my life and I will never have another like him. With honour he lived and died, no suffering, no pains. Thanks to Nina and her family with everything.

Year 2010 ended with dear Khan passing away. Khan suffered from lyme disease what he got from a tick. He also had thyroid hypofunction. In spite of his medication his legs didn't last and there were nothing we could do. So Khan was put to sleep. He was too young, I would have wanted to keep him for many years more. Thanks to all of you to your support and attendance for the both of the boys. Thanks Seinäjoki vet.

I hope health, luck and success to all to year 2011!

Hello to Midian's site readers. Johanna have been updating these sites and now I'm continuing her job. I own Japanese Akitas and one Bouvier des Flandres. I'm updating few other sites also and I hope possible changes pleases all visitors. Happy New Year to all! Regards, Emilia Honkanen

Juno and Martta