NEWS 2012

8.-9.12.2012 INT Helsinki (Winner Shows)

SATURDAY judge Leif-Herman Wilberg

Midian's General Tiger "Nemo" VET EXC1 BOS-vet! HeVW-12!

SUNDAY judge Tapio Eerola

Midian's General Tiger "Nemo" VET EXC1 BOB-vet! VW-12!

Huge congratulations Saila and family for Nemo's veteran titles from both days, I'm so proud of you!!
thank you judges.

10.11.12 KV Jyväskylä

judge Gerda Shaufeli

Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC1 SQ BB2 BOB-vet
Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" JUN VG2

Congratulations Mervi for Aiko's great success, once again. Better luck next time for you Niina and Nuka. She is still young :)
thank you judge.

27.10.12 KV Seinäjoki

judge Petrus Roosenboom

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPN EXC1 SQ BM4 Res-CC
Midian's Intense Dragon "Into" CH EXC3
Midian's Warrior Of The North "Weijo" OPN VG4

Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" JUN VG2
Midian's Xpected "Aune" OPN VG
Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC1 SQ BB2 BOB-vet
Midian's Eternal Flame "Ebba" VET EXC2 SQ

Phantom's first show at Finland went great and he is also adapted Finnish life quickly. Is is a quite magnificent American Akita. My bred Aiko, the grand old lady, was placed second and was also best of breed veteran. Congratulations Mervi and Aiko! She is still in an astonishingly great condition. Congratulations all Midian's dog owners and thank you for a lovely day.
thank you judge.

15.9.12 SSKY Speciality

judge Juha Putkonen

Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" OPN G
Midian's First Sakurano "Sandra" VET EXC1 BOB-vet

Congratulations Heidi and Sandra! Suvi and Puuki, good luck for the next show :)
Thank you judge.

13.9.12 Trip to Spain, and Speciality Show

It was time to take Kramer back home. We started our journey at Thursday, 13.9. and we travelled through Frankfurt to Portugal, to Porto.

Kramer's owner Luis Matilla Besada came to pick us up from Porto. We still had 250 km driving journey ahead. Kramer was his own self and he didn't mind the flight, but was nicely at the car also. After 1,5 hour sleep and all the travelling we were at last in our destination, Lalin, Spain. The hotell was great and all the Spannish people were so kind. We Finnish have a lot to learn.

At the next day was Club Show. The judge was speciality judge, American Akita breeder Beverly Vicks from USA. I was honoured to be able to show Kramer at the show. He was placed third at his class. Kramer's offspring achieved a lot and finally his offspring group was placed first.

We saw lot of great dogs and met such a nice people. Gorgeous Simba, Multi CH Bliss Ying Tao Thunder, melted everybodies harts, including mine. He was BOB.

In the pictures are Nacho Karballino & great SIMBA.

After the show we went to dinner in a very personal, Irish style restaurant, which had Celtic pictures on walls. The restaurant was really amazing with great atmosphere. The food was also great. All our new friends from the day's show joined us at the restaurant. We were honoured to sit with the judge at the same table and hear lot of information about the breed and it's evolvement in America.. We also heard about feeding and how important is make good linings. Spanish people are really hospitable and the night was memorable.

At the next day we started our journey back to home. It was really sad to leave Kramer, he is such a wonderful boy. Both of us cried. Our friends Dulce and Jose took us back to Porto where we spend one night at a hotel with our new Spanish macho man Phantom! Of course we couldn't leave empty handed and because we couldn't took the sun with us, we got a wonderfull teddy bear Phantom. He is staying with us one year at Finland. Thank you Jose and Dulce for a great teddybear :) We left back to Finland, but we'll meet again!

Thank you all our friends at Spain how made our trip possible and memorable. Special thanks to Manel, Luis, Francisco, Dulce and Jose.

And huge thanks to Kata here at Finland :)

Please see illustrative American Kennel Club's (AKC) breed standard at Youtube, made by Beverly Vicks:

1.9.12 Speciality Hollola

judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter, UK

Countryside's Kaner's Miyamoto "Kramer" CH EXC2 SQ BM3
Midian's Chief "Kuma" JUN EXC1 SQ
Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" OPN EXC3
Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" OPN VG
Midian's Imbressive Bear "Elvis" CH EXC
Midian's Intense Dragon "Into" CH EXC
Midian's General Tiger "Nemo" CH EXC

Midian's Chili "Ziva" JUN VG4
Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" JUN VG
Midian's Black Pearl "Brenda" OPN EXC3
Midian's Queen Of Ice OPN EXC4
Midian's Kind Queen "Nana" CH EXC SQ
Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC2
Kulmakuusen Madara "Dara" VET EXC3
Midian's First Sakurano "Sandra" VET EXC

One of year's higlights is over - the Speciality. Midian's got mainly excellent and some of them was placed at their classes, so I'm very happy, specially with the judgements. Kuma was the best Midian's dog with best junior, I'm very pleased. Kramer was nicely placed third at males, which was a good placement at tough competition. It was a good end to Kramer's shows at Finland. Now we are moving on towards Spain trip and it's speciality which we are participating.

Thank you all for being at the show. Even thought the weather wasn't the best, the event was really nice again. Thank you judge and good luck to all succeeded.

19.8.12 Heinola

judge Ruotsalainen Esa

Countryside's Kaner's Miyamoto "Kramer" CH EXC3 SQ
Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" INT EXC2

Midian's Black Pearl "Brenda" OPN EXC1 SQ BB4 RES-CC
Midian's Zulu "Lora" CH EXC3 SQ


18.8.12 Kouvola

judge Kuzelj Denis

Countryside's Kaner's Miyamoto "Kramer" CH EXC2 SQ BM2
Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" INT EXC2

Midian's Black Pearl "Brenda" OPN EXC1 SQ BB4
Midian's Zulu "Lora" CH EXC2 SQ
Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" INT VG2

Thank you Sini, Simo, Sanna and Jari for the wonderful weekend. It was those trips you won't forget easily :) Even the pink grill was needed ;) because Heinola's camping area didn't have any firewoods left... and the area was set for the winter. We had so much fun and I got home, although my car broke down at Kouvola. Thank you Sini and Simo for all your help to get me and my dogs back home. New trips are waiting.
Thank you judge.

18.8.12 Ikaalinen

Midian's First Sakurano "Sandra" VET EXC-1 SQ BB-4 BOB-VET

Congratulations Heidi and Sandra, well done!
Thank you judge.

11.8.12 Ivalo

judge Vija Klucnice

Midian's Warrior Of The Ring "Weijo" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOB!!

Wow great job Aini and Weijo, huge congratulations!!
Thank you judge.

3.-5.8.12 INT Kuopio Sawo Show

Midian's Intense Dragon "Into"
Saturday CHAMP EXC-3
Sunday CHAMP EXC-3 SQ BM-3

Midian's Roxy Roxanne "Roxy" (Sunday) OPEN EXC-1 SQ BB-2 CAC

Congratulations to Heli and Into for his success at Friday. Way to go Heli, Into is in a really good conditions for 6 years. Luckily there were at least one "head" judge. The head is one of the most important things in this breed, it should be enough big, teddy bear like. I don't care at all too skinny heads American Akitas and it sure shows in my breedings.
Congratulations Jenni and Roxy for her cac! Just wonderful!
Thank you judges.

This year I didn't enter the shows. I just didn't had the energy remembering the last sawo-show at 2010 with Heidi and 9 dogs. Not this time, thanks ;)

Pictures by Maarit Haavisto

29.7.12 Mikkeli INT

judge Markku Kipinä, Finland

Midian's Asking to Boogie "Puuki" INTERM. VG

Midian's Cayanne "Nuka" JUN EXC-1 SQ BB-2 CAC!!

Big congratulations Nina and Nuka. First junior competitions and a cac right away, not bad ;) Suvi and Puuki good luck to next show, let him still develope more... He is getting better all the time!
Thank you judge.

28.7.12 Pori INT

judge Marianne Holm, Finland

Midian's Impressive Bear "Elvis" CHAMP EXC-1 SQ BM-2 RES-CACIB

Midian's First Sakurano "Sandra" VET VG

Huge congratulations Saila and Elvis. Well done with not-so-young-anymore Elvis. He is in a great conditition! Congratulations Heidi and Sandra, till next time ;)
Thank you judge.

21.7.12 Kemi INT

judge Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland

Midian's Chief "Kuma" JUN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 CAC!

Midian's Chili "Ziva" JUN EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC BOS!!
Midian's Baywatch Baby "Saaga" INTERM. EXC-1 SQ BB-3 RES-CAC CACIB!

Big congratulations to North Finland Midian's and their owners. Way to go boys and girls. Wonderful that you are interested in shows and are handling the dogs by yourselfs. Breeder can only be proud and thankful for you! Wow great youngster!
Thank you judge.



Big congratulations for Kramer's breeder Becky Bullard to USA and his owner Luis Matilla to Spain. It has been a pleasure and honour to work with great Kramer. He has a stonning appearance and his personality is something so wonderful. A magnificent male indeed.
Our time together starts to end and I will take him back to Spain with sad mind. Luckily Zumba and maybe Geisha are going to make puppies from him, but I will tell more about these litters later.
Thank you Kata with your help with Kramer, and thanks you all who have helped us.
Thank you judges.

15.7.12 Oulu INT

judge Arne Foss, Norway

Countryside's Kaners Miyamoto "Kramer" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC CACIB BOB
FI & SE & INT CH!!
Midian's Chief "Kuma" JUN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 RES-CAC BOB-Junior

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" CHAMP EXC-1 SQ BB-1 BOB
Midian's Eternal Flame "Ebba" VET EXC-1 SQ BOB-VET

Wonderful, great - Kramer is now international, finnish and swedish champion from only 5 shows (he got some cacibs already gained). I must be more than pleased. Congratulations Mia and Kumo, great job. Congratulations to Joni and Ziva for her second place with cac. Lovely veteran mom Ebba was best of breed veteran. Huge congratulations.
Kramer's photos by Jenna Kiviniemi.
Thank you judge.

7.7.12 Kokkola INT

judge Markku Kipinä, Finland

Countryside's Kaners Miyamoto "Kramer" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 CAC RES-CACIB
Midian's Chief "Kuma" JUN EXC-1 SQ BM-3 RES-CAC

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" CHAMP EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CACIB BOS
Midian's Eternal Flame "Ebba" VET EXC-1 BOB-VET!

Good trip, what else to say. Zumba is still in her bikini ;) Congratulations Mia and Kuma, way to go.
Thank you judge.

1.7.12 Gälliväre, Sweden

judge Elena Ukhabina

Countryside's Kaners Miyamoto "Kramer" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 CAC
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" OPEN EXC-1

Big thanks to Kata and Viki for taking Kramer and Zumba to Sweden. I knew Zumba won't achieve nothing more without her coat. But I'm pleased for Kramer's CAC. Thanks my friends.
Thank you judge.

30.6.12 Rovaniemi INT

judge Paula Rekiranta, Finland

Midian's Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-3 RES-CAC
Midian's Chili "Ziva" JUN EXC-2 SQ BB-3 RES-CAC

Congratulations Joni and Marjo for Ziva's success.
Thank you judge.


Midian's Piece of Heaven "Pilvi"

Huge congratulations again Mervi and Wilhelmiina!
Pilvi's champion title came for entering in just few shows and her first offspring are already gained glory and success. The most famous is Midian's Zumba. Good luck and lots of success in the future with Pimpula.
Warm thanks to all the judges.

17.6.12 Kiikoinen

judge Esa Ruotsalainen, Finland

Midian's Piece Of Heaven "Pilvi" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC BOS FI CH!!

Big congratulations to Mervi and Wilhelmiina for Pilvi's Finnish Champion title!
Thank you judge.

Welcome Kramer!!

Kramer's pages are here


Midian's Zumba "Zumba"

My chocolate darling got her champion title first thing when she turned into 2 years. There have been a lot of success to the young girl, like speciality victory at 2011, TOP20 competition victory this year and all the other victories at breed rings, groups and BIS-rings. Zumba is still very playfull so there are lots of "zumbing" (after her name) to see. We hope to breed her at this winter. Time will tell if what's going to be, but her health results are high quality also. Thank you Kata for you help with handling etc.
Thank you all judges.

10.6.2012 Tuuri

judge Esa Ruotsalainen

Countryside's Kaners Miyamoto "Kramer" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 CC

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" CHAMP. EXC-1 SQ BB-1 BOB BOG-2!!
Midian's First Sakurano "Sandra" VET EXC-1 SQ BOB-VET

This was Kramer's first show at Finland and he was the second with CC. Besides all the day was quite excellent at the end anyway. Zumba wore bikinis, she really was all bald. And yet she was best of breed and second at group. Quite wonderful with her looks. At morning I almost left her at home because of her coat ;)
Congratulations to Heidi Sandra's best of breed veteran victory, great!
Thank you judge.

There are no bald pictures of Zumba, but I have pictures of the great Kramer... Although he also needs his coat back.

9.6.12 Salo

judge Nebojsa Savicic, Serbia

Readbear's Einstein to Midian's "Petro" OPEN EXC-1
Midian's Asking To Jazz INTERM. EXC

Congratulations for the excellents, next time coats on ;)
Thank you judge.

26.5.12 Joensuu

judge Esa Ruotsalainen

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" OPEN EXCE-1 SQ BB-1 CC BOS FI CH

Not even a grazy person drive alone to a show and back for only a few hours... No, but a dog person will ;) I was alone and sure there were many kilometers - almost 900. Well, it was worth it, Zumba came Finnish and Latvia champion :) Warm thanks to the judge. I coldn't stay till Sunday because I had to drive to Helsinki at monday and pick up borrowed boy Kramer.

26.5.12 Oulainen

judge Karel Horak, Tsech

Midian's Chief "Kuma" PUP-1 HP BOB-puppy
Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" OPEN EXC-2 SQ BM-2 Res-CC
Midian's Real Reason OPEN VG

Midian's Chili PUP1 HP BOS-puppy

Congratulations to all... Marjo, don't care ;)
Thank you judge.

20.5.2012 Pori

judge Nebojsa Savicic, Serbia

Midian's Rare One "Romeo" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 Res-CC
Midian's Teach Me Love "Hiro" OPEN EXC-3

Congratulations Saila and Sari for boys results.
Thank you judge.

6.5.2012 Lahti Group show and puppy show

Group show, judge Anneli Pukkila, Finland

Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" INTERM. G

Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC-1 SQ BB-2 BOB-VET

Puppy show, judge Unto Timonen, Finland

Midian's Chief "Kuma" Puppy class HP BOB-puppy BOG-3!!

Congratulations Mia for Kuma's first show and success. Wonderful, the boy is super nice. And once again, congratulations Mervi and Aiko. Good luck Suvi for Puuki's next shows.
Thank you judges.


FI CH Senseo good Girl Gone Bad "Geisha"

Geisha became champion from just few shows and we are very pleased, specially her excellent health results and wonderful temperament. She is developing all the time to better and better direction.
Warm thanks for this magnifisent girl to her breeders Heidi and Anders at Denmark.

5.5.2012 Jämsä

American Akita judge Kirsi Honkanen, Finland

Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Petro" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 Res-CAC

Senseo good Girl Gone Bad "Geisha" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC FIN CH BOB

Beagle judge Harto Stocmari, Finland

Midian's Ghost "Eetu" JUN EXC-1 SQ CAC BOB BOG-4!!

Congratulations Päivi for Eetus wonderful placement at group. Geisha was BOB and got her final cac. Now she is Finnish Champion and I'm so happy. Unfortunately she didn't place at group finals, she was the fifth to drop. They had unite groups 5 & 6 and Geisha competed against Eetu, beagle bred by me... This is the first time this is happened.
Thank you Hanna for your company for the show trip. We didn't felt like entering the show, but it's good we did. Despite the horrible weather... it just rained and rained.
Thank you judges.

5-6.5.2012 Latvia, Talsi & Saldus

judge Dusan Paunovic

Midian's Unigue Bear "Han" BOB BOG-5!!

judge Vladimir Piskay

Midian's Unigue Bear "Han" BM-2

Congratulations Sandra for Han's great success, and all his titles from Multi CH... See you!
Thank you judges.

28.4.2012 Lahti INT

judge Jussi Liimatainen, Finland

Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC-1 SQ BB-2 BOB-VET

Again, big congratulations Mervi for Aiko's wonderful success. She still places at best female ring, again and again. Great.
Thank you judge.

14.4.2012 Vaasa INT

judge Nils-Arne Törnlöv, Sweden

Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Petro" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-3 Res-CAC Res-CACIB
Midian's Zorro "Zorro" INTERM. EXC-1 SQ BM-4

Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC1 SQ BB4 BOB-VET
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" OPEN EXC-2 SQ

Thank you all for a nice day. Fire alarms brought new excitement to show but luckily it was a false alarm. The judge liked lighter heads than I do, so this time I brought the wrong girl here. Zumba's head is more massive, american style, although her judgement was all excellent words. The judge was changed, but we went anyway, whitout any expectations... We knew the swedish visitor will win and it did... Although audience think otherwise ;) My friend's girl who was second was much better :)
Thank you judge.


Pamela's (Finigan Ak-Tan Catingo to Midian's) and Akyto's (NL Ch Kevin's Dream Akyoto) puppies are born at friday 13th of April. There are 5 males and 3 females, all of them are dark colored with white marks. Mother and puppies are doing great.
More info coming later to puppies page. You can see the litter's pedigree here

Updatings coming

This year's project is to update all my dog's pages up to date with new pictures, and possibly add some galleries about dogs bred by Midian's. We will start from Irina (Midian's In Your Hope).

31.3.2012 Kemijärvi

judge Tanya Ahlman-Stocmari

Midian's Xtra-Cool "Ando" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOS

Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC-1 SQ BB-2 BOB-VET BIS-VET 2!!
Midian's Baywatch Babe INTERM. EXC-2 SQ BB-3 RES-CAC
Midian's Asking to Rumba "Rumba" INTERM. S (because of behaviour)

Congratulations all Midian's dogs owners for your great success. Special thanks to Mervi for veteran girl Aiko's great fit. Huge congratulations Aiko's Best In Show Veteran competition's second place!
Thank you judges.

Aiko's picture/Jaana Mäkinen

18.3.2012 Malmö Sweden

Midian's Abril Kiarry "Abby" BOB

Junior Handler winners Josefina Sandby and Midian's Abril Kiarry!!

Congratulations Christina, the owner, for Abby's success. And Josefina, great win at junior handler competition. Congratulations and I wish success to your next competitions! This is great advertise to this rare breed.
Thank you judges.

18.3.12 Open Show and TOP American Akita competition

Open show (39 American Akitas)
Judge Esa Ruotsalainen

Puppies, females
Midian's Cayanne "Nuca" Puppu class 1st HP BOS
Midian's Chili Puppy class 3th

Open show, puppies:

Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" INTERM. EXC-1
Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" OPEN EXC
Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Petro" OPEN EXC-3
Midian's Intense Dragon "Into" CHAMP. EXC-3
Midian's Piece Of Magic "Pena" CHAMP. EXC-2 to BM-competition
Finigan Ak-Tan Callahan To Midian's "Paavo" CHAMP. EXC-4
Midian's Back To The Future "Rommi" turist class VG-2
Great Flames Fearless To Midian's "Vito" turist class EXC-1

Open show, males:

Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" JUN VG
Midian's Black Pearl "Brenda" JUN EXC-1 to BB-competition
Midian's Asking To Salsa "Martta" INTERM. VG-3
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" INTERM. EXC-1 to BB-competition BB-1 BOB BIS-1!
Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad "Geisha" OPEN EXC-1 to BB-competition
Kulmakuusen Madara "Dara" VET EXC-1 to BB-competition BOB-VET BIS1-VET!

Open show, females:

Breeder's class
Midian's kennel HP BOB BIS-1!

Offspring class
Kulmakuusen Madara "Dara" BOB BIS-1!

At Open show only best male and female are rewarded, others are not placed. This year the winner was my own "chocolate cake" Midian's Zumba "Zumba". She has won many great shows, she was among other things last year's speciality winner, judged by famous long time breeder from England. Best male was Hellstar Avalance, very promising young male. Congratulations to his breeder and owner.

BOS victory at puppies, went to Midian's Cayanne, congratulations Nina and Nuca, well done. BOB puppy was Owelan Forty-Five, congratulations to breeder and owner. Third best puppy was Cayanne's sister Midian's Chili, congratulations for Chili's great behavior in the ring, she is very promising. I'm sure we'll hear from both of the sisters.

At adults classes Midian's dogs and imports did quite well. Congratulations to all and thank you for coming to shows, it was so nice to see you all and all the dogs were in their best condition.
Thank you Timo for handling my Geisha.
Congratulations Tiina, Vito boy was so sweet at turist class, and so was Rommi who was also in Dara's offspring class. A girl in a show made boys a little crazy and at a time boys didn't stay focused at all :)

Dara won veterans and her offspring class were also the best. My breeder's class was best.

The atmosphere were great, the prizes were amazingly wonderful. Thank you so much Erja for all your help, everything worked like trains bathroom ;) (Even my car wasn't dirty, like it usually is). Warm thanks to the judge and thank you Erika and Ida for the pictures. I'm more than pleased, now I have again energy to go on.

Here are some of the prizes. I also got a blanket with American Akita picture in it and some food, etc.

After the Open Show there were a Top American Akita competition. There were 12 last year's most successfull American Akitas, some of them were didn't come. Judged were Eeva Resko, Harry Tast and Markku Kipinä. Big thanks to all!
Top competition's second was Anzo (Mergitten Ace Of Club). Congratulations to his breeder and owners.

The winner of Top American Akita is my own joy MIDIAN'S ZUMBA!!! WOW WOW AMAZING!

10.-11.3.2012 Vilna, Lithuania INT

11.3. Judge Javier Sanchez Fernandez, Spain
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" Interm. EXC-1 CAC CACIB

10.3. Judge Nemanja Jovanovic, Serbia
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" Interm. EXC-1 Res-CACIB

My friend Kata took Zumba with her to Lithuania. We hoped to get Cacib and Zumba got it, great, wonderful. Thank you Kata so much, I'm so proud of you. Now we can start to plan new trips :)
Thank you judges.

18.2.12 Russia INT x 3

Judges Rodina, Shiyan T. and Shiyan V.

Midian's Zulu "Lora" 3 x CAC, 3 x BOS RFLS, RFOS, RFSS Champion!!

Big congratulations Svetlana and Roma for Lora's great success. She is so beautiful! Thank you judges and thanks Sveta for the picture.

12.2.12 Estonia, Tallin INT

Judge Giuseppe Alessandra

Midian's Quiet Black Bear "Mökö" CHAMP. EXC-2 BM-3 Res-CACIB

Congratulations Heidi and Mökö.
Thank you judge.

26.2.12 Tuusniemi

Judge Cristian Stefanescu, Romania

Midian's Real Reason "Rokki" INTERM. VG-1
Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC-1 SQ BB-2 BOB-veteran BIS-4-veteran!!

Congratulations Mervi and beautiful veteran girl Aiko! Wonderful! To Saija and Roki, better luck next time. Roki has developed much since last time. This was only the second show for him, just take him to another shows.
Thank you judges.

Sunny greetings from Leppävirta!

5 months old Nuca (M. Cayanne) enjoys to play with his friends Milou and Lilli. Nuca has grown well and he has a lot of temperament.
Greetings Nina and Nuca


Thanks for the pictures, Nuca is looking good, very promising boy!

New co-owned male

Nana's and Roope's promising male puppy moved to Nokia where girls Anni and Martta (M.Asking To Salsa) & Kippu (M.Black Dahlia) are waiting for him. Keijo's name changed from Juice to Keijo, Keke... Dear child has many names.
Thank you Eija for this sweet puppy!
Good luck to Anni with this new teddybear. Keijo has a lot of energy and chuwing is nice ;) Let's hope that the girls welcomes Keijo. Congratulations Anni for Martta's match show BIS-1 victory a week ago, wonderful!!


Unna's greetings

Unna (Midian's Ginger) desided to clim in to a bookshelf :D She is energic girl who climbs and jumps into anything and reaches everywhere, or so I think.. She has grown fast - she is already taller than Tetsu, but of course she is still lighter. Unna starts to show some teenager behaviour and she likes to make up all kind of little stuff to us. Sometimes she doesn't hear anything we say. With Tetsu they are having a lot of fun.
unny days to you!
Minna & Unna

Thank you Minna for the picture, I think Unna is the same climber as her relatives are ;) She looks great!

Greetings from Keminmaa!

In the pictures are Aini's and Arto's boys Konsta (Midian's King Of The North) and Weijo (Midian's Warrior Of The North).


Thank you Aini, boys are very hansom!

Valentine's Day greetings

Happy Valentine's Day to breeder along with the pictures, wishes Irina and Midian's Häjy Hugo.


Thanks Irina, boy looks really great!

Agility dog Momo

Momo's (Midian's Asking to Samba) and her owners Outi Lehtosuon agility trainings at videos. Way to go girls, looking good!
>> Youtube-video

5.2.12 Keuruu

Judge: Juha Putkonen, Finland

Midian's Asking to Salsa "Martta" INTERM. EXC-1 SQ BB3 Res-CAC
Kulmakuusen Madara "Dara" VET EXC-1 SQ BB3 BOB-veteran BIS-VET1

I visited Keuruu only with Dara-grandma. Anni and Martta were also there. Martta had developed wonderfully and was second best of bitches, congratulations!!

It was luxurious being in a show with only one dog. Dara succeeded great by being third best bitch, bob-veteran and at the end of the day judged by Maija Mäkinen; Best in Show Veteran! Wow! I am so proud of my old lady.
Thank you judges.

Many thanks for great pictures goes to Krista, who actually sacrificed herself by laying in bush for the quality photos :)
Congratulations on Hinto boys success, good looking boy!


21.1.12 Kokkola

Judge: Juha Putkonen, Finland

Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Pedro" INTERM. EXC-1 SQ BM1 CAC BOB
Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" OPEN EXC-2
Midian's Quiet Black Bear "Mökö" CHAMP EXC-1

Kulmakuusen Madara "Dara" VET EXC-1 SQ BB2 BOB-veteran BIS-VET1
Midian's Eternal Flame "Ebba" CHAMP EXC-1 SQ BB3
Midian's On Cloud Nine "Lola" CHAMP EXC-2 SQ BB4
Midian's Talk About Love "Tytti" CHAMP EXC-3
Midian's Piece Of Heaven "Pilvi" OPEN EXC-1

Kennel Midian's HP BOB-breeder

To Kokkola we went with a big group. My dogs/Midian’s dogs where there all together 8. Thank you to all owners; it was a really fun day and such a great success. My co-owned male Pedro and Hanna won the breed and were shortlisted to 8 best in group ring, just awesome Hanna!

Dara veteran lady surprised by being second with BOB-veteran price and at the end won all the veterans by being Best in show- Veteran, so wonderful. Greeting to Dara’s breeders Riitta and Heikki!
Ando, Mökö, Tytti ja Pilvi all got excellents and Ebba and Lola got exc with sq and were third and fourth best bitches. Congratulations to all Midian’s dog-owners!

Breeder-group was a little mixed this time, because I let girls from Pori leave early to home due to a minor accident... So I took different colors and types to group. We did still got hp and bob-breeder price. I showed group in big ring, but there was no placement this time, which was not a surprise when looking the group.
Thanks to judge.

Unfortunately there are no pictures available, only BIS-veteran picture, taken by Pauli Äijälä.

14-15.1.12 INT Kajaani

American foxhound
Judge Sakari Poti, Finland

Midian's Alvaro Kiarry "Alvaro" INTERM EXC-1 SQ BM1 CAC CACIB BOB

Judge Sakari Poti, Finland

K-Run Windkist Rustic Ridge "Rusty" VET EXC-1 SQ BM3 BOB-veteran

American Akita
Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland

Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM3 Res-CAC Res-CACIB
Midian's Teach Me Love "Hiro" INTERM VG

Senseo Good Girl gone Bad "Geisha" INTERM EXC-2 SQ BB3
Midian's On Cloud Nine "Lola" CHAMP EXC-1 SQ BB4

What a trip, alone with 5 dogs. Weather was ok when driving, although the road to Kajaani is always the same; icy and boring with just forest everywhere but I made it. On show place Saturday there was only a couple familiar faces, but luckily two girls helped me with the dogs. Warm thanks to you both.
Alvaro was handsomely best of breed with cacib and Rusty was bob-veteran and to my surprise third best male. Though Rusty was too thin, because he hadn’t been eating after a visit from a girlfriend and he spent all the time just crying after love… Old boy got all messed up by a pretty girl. I hope there will be a beautiful litter coming to Talpeak kennel.
Thank you judge.

After the show I left with my dogs to the hotel, with a help of local woman. I forgot my navigator at home in the early morning rush… so no help with that this time.
Thank you to my assistant, who drove in front of me to hotel.

Saturday I gave Cayenne at her new owner, Nina. Good luck with young girl and let’s hope many nice show moments and success! Future will show what will become of her.

On Sunday there was much more friends, so I didn’t have to spend my time by myself. After breakfast I left to the show place. There was already friends waiting and helping for me. Very nice Sunday went by fast and the dogs did well also. Ando was in great shape and got both res-cac and res-cacib this time. Just a little bit bummed, but can’t help it. Good luck Joni and Marjo, handsome male! Hiro had become more like man and moved great. This time boy got very good…congratulations Sari, you presented Hiro nicely. My own girls were third and fourth on bitches, thank you jugde.
Another show trip over… No pictures, except one of Rusty, who was very tired after Saturdays show as was I :)

Congratulations to all who succeeded in Kajaani and thank you to all my friends for a fun weekend!

Top Dogs 2011 competition

Finnish American Akita Club's Top Dog 2011 -competition's placements for my dogs and dogs bred by me are:

Top male puppy 2011
1. Senseo I Am Yours 13 p., owner kennel Midian's
2. Midian's Asking to Boogie 13 p. owner Suvi Seppänen

Top bitch puppy 2011
3. Midian's Zumba 17p.

Top male 2011
8. Midian's Xtra Cool 21 p., om. Marjo ja Joni Sumen
9. Readbear's Einstein To Midian's, om. Hanna Tuominen & Katri Laitila
10. Midian's Asking To Boogie, om. Suvi Seppänen

Top bitch 2011
3. Midian's Zumba 45 p, om. kennel Midian's
7. Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad 29 p., om. kennel Midian's

Top veteran 2011
1. Kulmakuusen Madara 22 p., om. kennel Midian's

Top tracker 2011
1. Timberlake Bear 18 p., om. Erja Mäkelä

Top silly-dog 2011
1. Readbear's Givanshi To Midian's 15 p., om. Marjo Sumén ja Katri Laitila
4. Midian's Asking To Rumba 12 p., om. Niina Sumén

Welcome new year 2012

We thank all of your friends, Midian's dogs owners and co-oper. people for the passed year.

Last year was very misfortune. At the beginning of 2011 we had to survive with a terrible cold weather, over -30 degree Celsius with all the snow. Long, cold periods with dogs gave us a lot of work to do. We had to take dogs inside the house from time to time. I was very tired at spring, I wouldn't take any more of that coldness. Luckily the summer was warm.

First the bad things. Few loved dogs went to rainbow bridge, puppy plans didn't work, we got only one AA litter. My 17 years long work came to an end at November and at the end of the year my dear mother passed away suddenly. Last year was extremely heavy and I'm trying to survive from it one day at a time.

There were also good things, but less. For now I have a job, so that is a best cure to my sorrow. I have made new puppy plans to American Akitas. I think the 2 gorgeous litters to Beagles are the final litter for that breed, for now. Beagles are a wonderful, but I'm concentrating my energy to American Akitas which is my first goal. I have a very promising AA at home, Yami is imported from Denmark. We'll see what the future brings along with this gorgeous breed. Of course there are some nice results from show rings and I'm very happy for those placements.

Midian's dogs didn't went to shows too often last year, but here are some great results: 2 Finnish Champions, 1 Belarus and Russian Champion, 1 Estonia, Latvija and Lithuanian Junior Champion, and 1 Poland Junior Champion. Midian's dogs also got 23 CAC's, some of them are from abroad and some are junior CAC's. 16 best of breed, 10 best opposite sex, some group placements, Zumba's Best In Show 4 placement at breed's Speciality and Darken's Best In Show victory at Poland. Unfortunately I don't know all the results from my dog's offspring at abroad.

Puppy rings were Midian's Zumba "Zumba", Senseo I Am Yours "Yami", Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" and at Poland Midian's Ask'n Finigan To Tango "Darken" celebration.

From Midian's dogs I heighten Zumba who has Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania junior champion titles, group placements, BIS-junior placement, speciality's victory, BIS-4 placement, some CAC's and BOB & BOS victories. Zumba won also best tail competition at speciality. Midian's Talk About Love "Tytti" finished her Finnish Championship title and so did Midian's Quiet Black Bear "Mökö". At Poland the great Darken, Mdian's Ask'n Finigan To Tango had a lot of great success and at Russia the beautiful Lora, Midian's Zulu achieved also many victories. American Foxhound Midian's Abril Kiarry was successfull at show rings and was Denmark's TOP1 American Foxhound. Hansom Han, Midian's Unique Bear got himself quite a line of titles. Han is Baltic, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia junior Champion and Latvia, Estonia, Russian, Baltic and By Champion.
Huge congratulations to all!

I entered few shows with my American Foxhounds with great results. This year I attend more shows when the young ones has developed better and better. We are in no rush with growing dogs.

I hope luck and success to great puppies who were born last year. I hope we hear about them this year and I hope I will see some of them at shows. And I hope all the owners are happy with their new family members. Don't forget to send me pictures and greetins!

Thanks Emppu for updating my websites, there were lot of work again.

Thank you my friends and relatives for your support. Last year was hard, but I hope this year brings more joy and my misfortune retreats.

Health, joy and success to the year2012!