NEWS 2013

14.12.13 Nordic Winner 2013
15.12.13 Winner 2013

American Akita
14.12.13 judge Paul Hardig
15.12.13 judge Klaus Strack

Midian's Impressive Bear "Elvis" VET EXC1 SQ BOB-VET NORDVW-13
Midian's Impressive Bear "Elvis" VET EXC1 SQ BOB-VET VW-13

American Foxhound
14.12.13 judge Leni Finne
15.12.13 judge Annika Ullveit-Moe

Kiarry's Jeeze Louise "Weezer" VET EXC1 BOB-VET NORDW-13, NORDVW-13
Kiarry's Jeeze Louise "Weezer" VET VG1

15.12.13 judge Noreen Harris

Midian's Ghost "Eetu" OPEN EXC1 SQ BM3

This year I took only my American Foxhound veteran Weezer to the shows. There were Beagle Eetu bred by me at Sunday and already veteran American Akita male Elvis, also bred by me, entering both days. We hoped Elvis' success and he got the titles we hoped he would get :) Huge congratulations Saila for Elvis' wonderful titles. Elvis already has winner titles from Finland and Estonia at younger age, so this crowned his show career. He is still in a great condition, thank you Saila.

My Russian breeder-friend Julia's breeded female Nativebear Zhessika won females at Friday and got junior winner and winner titles from Helsinki Winner show and this gorgeous girl got also junior winner title from Nordic Winner show. Why I'm telling you this is because she is my loun male Phantom's daughter ;) Mother's side also contains my own breeding work. So I'm happy the Teddybear left some promising offspring from his Finnish visit. You will hear about few of them, that's for sure :) Congratulations Julia and Zhessika's owners, wonderful! Gorgeous girl!

Weezer got Nordic Winner titles from Saturday and she also has year 2009 titles from the previous shows, so obviously I'm pleased that even veteran could get those titles. Now she can retire from shows, if I don't get exited and enter her into some show later.

Beagle Eetu had a wonderful year behind and at Winner show he won the open class and was placed the best Finnish bred Beagle to third best male. We are very glad that a double colored Beagle can end up this nicely at our country. Huge congratulations to Päivi and Eetu. Let's see what he gains from the year 2014 :)

Thank you Heidi for the lovely trip and thanks to Arja for her hospitality, the weekend was really nice. Messari is the place where you can meet friends from abroad, those you wouldn't otherwise see. Congratulations to all successfull dogs and warm thanks to all the judges.

Puppies are born to Zumba and Enska!!! More info at puppies page.

19.10.13 INT Seinäjoki

American Akita
Judge Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland

Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Petro" CH EXC-2 SQ BM-2 RES-CACIB

Midian's Chili "Ziva" OPN EXC-1 SQ BB-3 RES-CAC
Midian's First Sakurano "Sandra" VET VG-2
Midian's In Your Heart "Impi" VET EXC-1 BOB-VET!

Judge Jari Fors, Finland

K-Run Windkist Rustic Ridge "Rusty" VET EXC-1 BOB-VET!

Our home show. I was so angry because both of the entered American Akitas were out of coat and our Beagle didn't get there. Rusty was best of breed veteran, so I'm happy. Well it was still a good weekend, Petro our co-owned boy was second best male. Great job Hanna and Petro.

Sandra got very good from veteran class, congratulations Heidi. And Impi was best of breed veteran, congratulation Mervi and Wiltsu, well done with handling.. Although the old lady didn't feel much of like anything, she was also starting to loose her coat, that's bad ;) That's why we don't have any pictures of the grand old lady.

Ziva was wonderful as always. She is tight package, really wonderful, pictures tells more than a thousand words. Congratulations Marjo, you did great!!

21.9.13 SSKY Club Show

Judge Maija Sygren, Finland

Midian's Chief "Kuma" OPN EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOB FI CH!!
Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" OPN EXC-1 SQ

Wonderful, Kuma came Finnish Champion right after he turned 2 years. I'm so pleased his development which is still getting better and better. Now we are not in a hurry to do anything, we can just wait him to mature among the age. His sister didn't yet got her last CC.
Thank you judge.

We left with Niina to Sanna's and Jari's home for the night. New show at Hyvinkää tomorrow. Thank you Sanna and Jari for the wonderful evening and at the morning we felt okey. Thank you for the sauna and food over good company. See you later.

22.9.13 Hyvinkää

Judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland

Midian's Chief "Kuma" CH EXC-2 SQ BM-2
Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" OPN EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC BOS FI CH!!

Wow, wonderful weekend. Two siblings finished their titles. It's easy to smile. Huge congratulations Niina and Nuka!! It sure was lucky you stay! Thank Pilvi for the pictures and congratulations for the BOB.
Thank you judge.

14.9.13 Porvoo

Judge Matti Luoso, Finland

Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC-1 SQ BB-2 BOB-Vet!

Wonderful success. So aged dog placing so wonderfully, well done Mervi and Aiko. She still is in such a good fit, thanks Mervi!
Thank you judge.

1.9.13 Hollola CLUB SHOW

Judge Dave Chapman, UK (68 American Akitas + puppies)

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" Puppy Class 1 HP best male puppy, BOS-puppy!

Midian's Chief "Kuma" OPN EXC-1 SQ BM-3 CAC!!!!
Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" CH VG-3 (Best Paws)

Four Midian's dogs got valuation good, which was the second most given judgement in that day. Only three males got SQ, so Kuma's placement was really great, together with CAC. 31 males entered. Only 4 females got SQ, there were 37 entered females. So you can see how strict the judgment was. Phantom was third best male at champion males with very good. So it went nicely at a though competition. His son Rocky was best male puppy... what a puppy.. wonderful movements, a promising boy.

Thank you all for a lovely day and congratulatios to all you who's day was successful. It's a pity that the field is still a pothole. Nobody couldn't show great movements and that was one of the main reasons the judgements were not that good. We have good news because next year our Club Show is held in a different place. Otherwise the show place has been wonderfully country romantic.

Warm thanks to Dave Chapman.

31.8.13 Mäntyharju

Judge Hilkka Salohalla, Finland

Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC-1 BOB-VET!

Big congratulations to Mervi for Aiko's wonderful placements at veterans, there are lot of them :) Congratulations!
Thank you judge.

25.8.13 Luumäki

Judge Markku Mähönen, Finland

Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Petro" OPN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 CAC FI CH!!!

Lepoparta Meritities "Rilla" OPN EXC-1

Our experience trip with Hanna to Suvi's and Jari's home :) Thank you for your hospitality, you have a beautiful home and the boys has wonderful kennels. I liked them a lot.

At the show Petro became a new Finnish Champion and Rilla got excellent, we are very pleased... Nice weather and atmosphere.
Thank you Hanna for the fun trip!
Thank you judge.

Some pictures from the trip :) It was a quite far from us...

24.8.13 Mikkeli

Judge Kirsti Honkanen, Finland

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" JUN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 CAC

Congratulations Suvi and Zorro!! Thanks for the handler!!
Thank you judge.

17.8.13 Kajaani

Judge Mari Lackman, Finland

Midian's Dark shadow "Mocha" JUN ERI1 SA PN1 SERT ROP

Huge congratulations Saila and Mocha, great achievement!!
Thank you judge.

14.8.13 INT Joensuu

American Akita
Judge John R. Walsh, Irland

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" CH EXC SQ
Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" JUN EXC-1
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zoni" OPN EXC-1 SQ RES-CAC

Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" INT EXC-1 SQ BB-2 RES-CAC RES-CACIB
Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad "Geisha" CH EXC-2 SQ BB-3

American Foxhound
Judge Sakari Poti, Finland

Midian's Aurora Kiarry "Aurora" OPN EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CACIB BOB

Judge Tuula Savolainen, Finland

Midian's Ghost "Eetu" OPN EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CACIB BOB BOG-1 BIS 4 !!!!
Midian's Häjy Hanski "Särö" INT EXC-1 SQ BM-2 CAC RES-CACIB!

We left our hotel early with Niina so we would be in time at the show where it was raining. I can say it was a lousy feeling... but end of the day the weather started to be better. My dogs did great again, two best of breeds and Niina's Nuka was wonderfully second best American Akita and Särö was second best Beagle male with cac, wow, wonderful... Congratulations Elli, good handling... Two double-colored Beagles at front, great. Rings were at the same time, so my long-time friend from Cocker side handled Eetu, Kerttu Rantamäki. Warm thanks Kerttu.

Aurora was again the only one and the best :) Sure she is classy and standard Foxhound, you can't say otherwise. Day's best and highest placement went to Beagle Eetu who charmed the judges with his impressive performance and temperament and he was after the group win placed Best In Show 4th!!! Huge congratulations to his owner Päivi who this time watched Eetu's performance online, Eetu was travelling with me. Great feeling!! With these placements Eetu is the highest placed Beagle at all breeds show competition. I'm very proud of him.

Warm thanks to Midian's dogs owners and to Niina for your lovely company at the show and your hospitality, it was nice to see your house and your lovely Daschunds.

Huge thanks to all the judges. These successes gave me strenght to carry on.

10.8.13 INT Joensuu

American Akita
Judge Vaczi-Balogh Zsusana, Hungary

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" CH EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CACIB BOB!
Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" JUN EXC-1 SQ CAC
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zoni" OPN EXC-1

Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" INT EXC-1 SQ BB-4 RES-CAC
Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad "Geisha" CH EXC-2 SQ BB-3 RES-CACIB

Judge Sakari Poti, Finland

Midian's Ghost "Eetu" OPN EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CACIB BOB BOG-3!!

Oh myh.. it aint' real, to win bob with three different breed at the same day. I'm very, very glad. Beagle Eetu, bred by me, was also placed third at group finals. Congratulations to his owner Päivi Sorvari. Thank you junior handler girl Peppi for your great handling with Eetu. Phantom and Aurora didn't get any placements.. but it didn't matter, the day was wonderful after all. Thank you friends for the lovely day. Congratulations Suvi for Zorro's CAC and big thanks to Reeta for handling help.

Thank you judges.

3.8.13 Isokyrö

American Akita
Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland

Senseo Im Yours "Yami" OPN EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOS!
Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" CH EXC-1 SQ BM-2
Midian's Quiet Black Bear "Mökö" CH EXC-2 SQ BM-3

Midian's First Sakurano "Sandra" VET EXC-1 BOB-Vet

Judge Jari Fors, Finland

K-Run Windkist Rustic Ridge "Rusty" VET EXC-1 SQ BM-1 BOS BOB-Vet!

Yami was at his first show and he was best male with CAC. Thank you Sanna for handling help ;) She was so pretty and young ;)
Congratulations Heidi for the success, specially granny's bob-veteran, congratulations.

Rusty was best male and best veteran. At group the old guys didn't got anything. Thank you friends for a lovely day.

Thank you judge.

13.-14.7.13 2 x Oulu INT


American Akita
Judge Laszlo Erdös, Hungary

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" CH EXC-3 SQ BM-3
Midian's Real Reason OPN EXC-1 SQ
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zoni" OPN VG-2

Midian's Dark Shadow "Mocha" JUN EXC-1 SQ
Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" INT EXC-1 SQ

American Foxhound
Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland

Midian's Aurora Kiarry "Aurora" OPN EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC CACIB BOB!!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


American Akita
Judge Clerc Elsbeth

Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando" OPN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 RES-CACIB CAC FI CH!!
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zoni" OPN EXC-2 SQ

Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" INT EXC-1 SQ BB-2 RES-CACIB CAC
Midian's Chili "Ziva" INT EXC-2 SQ RES-CAC
Midian's Baywatch Babe "Saga" OPN EXC-1 SQ

American Foxhound
Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland

Midian's Aurora Kiarry "Aurora" OPN EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC CACIB BOB!!

I took Phantom and Aurora with me to Oulu at Saturday, it was a good trip. Phantom was third best male and Aurora got it all :) and took her last CAC, those which we really didn't just collect for fun. So much yell and fear over show type foxhounds collecting CACs. We haven't been acting like that, we just have got those what we have needed. Surely we could have been collecting more, but I can't see the point. So I went home after Saturday's rings.. to tango ;) Congratulations you all owners of the Midian's dogs for the great day and warm thanks to Marjo and Joni for your hospitality, it was really nice to see you all!

I got wonderful news at Sunday. Wow, huge congratulations Marjo and Joni for Ando's Finnish Champion title and congratulations Niina for Nuka's CAC, just great. It was a pity that I couldn't stay till Sunday. Also Saga went great, congratulations Maarit.

Thank you judges.

7.7.13 Karjaa

judge Kirsi Honkanen

American Akita
Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" JUN EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOB!!

Big congratulations to Zorro and Anu and of course the family :) Wonderful boy and earned success. Thank you Anu for handling Zorro, it went great. Really great that you were in the best six at group finals.
Thank you judge.

6.7.13 Mikkeli

judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa (American Akita)
Pekka Teini (Beagle)

American Akita
Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" JUN EXC-2
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zoni" OPEN VG-1
Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" INTERM VG-2

Midian's Häjy Hanski "Särö" INTERM EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOB!!

Congratulations for the success!
Brightest star was the little Beagle Särö who got a cac and was best of breed, great! Congratulations Elli and Särö.
Thank you judges.

TK1 Midian's Häjy Hanski "Särö"

Congratulations Elli and Särö for the obedience title!!

Särppä got his training title TK1 from novice class straight with three enterings!!!! :)) Wow! Oh this feeling of victory!!

We started this obedience project because we had to make up some mind work for the ever moving boy, and I thought that some teaching to behave good wouldn't harm us. Our puppy class teacher said that I should start obedience with so energy boy. I laughed for the tought at that time. Indeed. Somehow we entered an obedience class for novice at the passed spring. Everything went so great that we were soon moved to train with the others who are training for competitions. Our coach said that they saw immediately that this Beagle has potential.

We entered our first obedience trial at June and today 2013/07/02 we finnished the final novice class trial. So we got the minimum three I-results from three competitions, wonderful Beagle! We got honour prize from the first trial with the result of 191/200 points. And today we got victory from our class :)) And I can tell you, a Beagle in an obedience trials is not what you can see in every day... :DD
Can a mommy be anymore proud of her Beagle?!!

Enclosed few training photos and one photo for his achievements :)

Story short, have a great summer!

- Särö and Elli -

29.6.13 Heinävesi

judge Tapani Pukkila

Beagle, males
Midian's Häjy Hanski "Särö" INTERM. EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOS!!

Below you'll find the owner's greetings. This was so nicely written that I though you can all read it as well :) This kind of greetings are always nice for breeder to have. Thank you Elli and good luck for future with Särö. He couldn't find any better home for himself :)

Some greetings from Särö...

Midian's Häjy Hanski aka Särö was today 29.6. at Heinävesi group show (in an awfully hot weather!!) intermed. class EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC and BOS :))) Judge was Tapani Pukkila.

Yeaaah!! :)

I attached some kind of a photo about the tired dog with prizes :DD

The boy has grown to be a really great guy. We train and compete at obedience (I will post results later..), we train agility and tracking, and sure he will go after rabbits also. Now we have also started these dog shows and seems these are going as well as other hobbies... :DD
Thank you Katri for the hansom and above all a wonderful temperament dog, I wouldn't change even one hair <3

BR, Elli & Särö

15.6.13 Kotka INT

Judge Ann Cuthbert (both breeds)

American Akita
Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" JUN EXC-2
Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" OPEN EXC-2

Midian's Ghost "Eetu" NUO ERI1 SA PU2 SERT VARACA

Congratulations Suvi for boys excellents, Zorro's first junior performance went really fine. Thank you Anu and Tarleena for handling the boys.

Wow, congratulations Päivi for Eetu's CAC and Res-CACIB.. He really is a wonderful two-colored Beagle. I'm waiting pictures :)
Thank you judge.



The great teddybear-Phantom's visit at Finland is now crowned with Finnish Champion title. We are very pleased with him and his promising offspring so far. Puppies are strong with great heads and if they still have their father's GREAT temperament.. Wonderful.

Congratulations to Phantom's owners Dulce and Jose and his breeder Luis to Spain. We will see you soon :)

15.6.13 Vaasa

judge Markku Mähönen

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 CAC FI CH!!

Timberlake Bear "Ruuti" OPEN VG-2

We went to Maalahti with Phantom and my friends Akita with great results. Akita was best of breed with cac and our teddybear Phantom became a Finnish Champion. Also Ruuti was in the ring for long time and they got very good. Congratulations. Ruuti represents old line with her pedigree. It is hard to judge her because the breed type is changed a lot since. Ruuti is also older girl now.
Thank you akita people with your help with photos. We pictured Phantom with Virpi. Thanks for that and good luck with your lovely Samoyed puppy!
Thank you judge.

9.6.13 Tuuri

judge Kirsi Tevalin

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPEN EXC-2 SQ BM-4
Midian's Real Reason "Rocky" OPEN VG-4

Midian's Dark Shadow "Mocha" JUN EXC-3 Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" OPEN VG-1

It was a really hot day at tuuri. I only had Phantom and another dog with me. It went well, Phantom was fourth and Rocky & Kirppu got very goods, Mocha got excellent. Congratulations to all and good luck with next shows. There was a tornado throwing tent etc around... Luckily it didn't hit us.. I was a sight. Thank you friends for the nice day and big thanks to Heidi for her help.

Dogs went home so quickly that I didn't had the change to take pictures... Well, I got plenty for the Teddybear.
Thank you judge.

8.6.13 Orivesi

judge Marianne Holm

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPEN EXC-2

Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" OPEN VG-1

Our judge changed but went anyway because I wanted to see my dear friends and spent some own time.. Phantom got an excellent and was second in his class. It went okey because I knew the judge likes a different type. Never the less the evaluation was really good. Kirppu got good this time, next time better Anni and Kirppu.
Thank you my friends for the fun day ;)
Thank you judge.

19.5.13 Lahti

judge Jose Tomas Dalgado Cabezas

Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" OPEN EXC

Midian's Black Dahlia "Kirppu" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC BOS!!

Congratulations Anni and Kirppu, well done. Soon we have to drink champion coffees ;) Congratulations also to lovely Puuki-boy and his family, he is still developing. Tiina and Kirppu in the picture.
Thank you judge.

19.5.13 Lahti Puppy show

judge Maija Sylgren

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" Puppy class HP BOB-puppy!!

Huge congratulations to Zorro and family, great job. Thank you Anu Siven for handling Zorro. Judge pick Zorro from the group, but not in the best four.
Thank you Maarit for the photos.
Thank you judge.

Eetu visiting

Päivi and her boy Eetu (Midian's Ghost) visited our home. What a great boy he is. Päivi, you have done a great job with him. I would be happy to own this boy myself ;)

19.5.13 Ylistaro

Judge Hannu Talvi

Beagle, female
Midian's Häjy Hilima "Hilima" INTERM EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC BOS

Congratulations Henna and Hilima for your great success at these highs. Too bad that I was at Jämsä at the same time. I'm still a bit angry that you weren't informed properly about ring changes and you missed the ring. It was nice to hear that Hilima would have been BOB if you had made in time to ring. At least the judge was honest ;) Next time with better luck and straight to the group finals. I heard there weren't any Beagle at group finals and the judge Fors would have liked Hilima, we know that... So it is a really shame.
Thank you judge.

18.5.13 summer evening at Kalliojärvi

We went to see our friends and some dogs bred by Midian's at Kalliojärvi. They were here because of the Ylistaro dog show. Too bad that our plans was accidentally mixed and I was at Jämsä's show at the same show day.
Here are some photos from the evening..

Beagles Hilima (Midian's Häjy Hilima), Iisa (Midian's Ilkeä Iisa) and American Akita Veijo (Midian's Warrior Of The North).

18.-19.5.13 Jämsä

Beagle: Erhard Lydia K M
American Akita: Zilnik Zeljko

Midian's Ghost "Eetu" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOB BOG-4 !!

Congratulations Päivi and Eetu for the success, well done!
Thank you judges.

American Akita
Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-2 CAC
Midian's Roxy Roxanne "Roxy" OPEN EXC-1

At Sunday I visited Jämsä with Phantom. It went great, Phantom was second best male with CAC. Warm thanks to my friend Reetta for handling Phantom. A friend in need is a friend indeed :)

Also Roxy, bred by Midian's, entered the show. She got excellent, congratulations Jenni and Roxy. Too bad we don't have any photos from the show.

5.5.13 Kajaani

judge Irina Poletaeva

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPEN EXC-1

Midian's Dark Shadow "Mocha" JUN EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC BOB
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" CHAMP EXC-1 SQ BB-2

Heidi and I went to Kajaani's show and there were snow... still we had a fun trip. Phantom got excellent. Zumba was second best female and the brightest start this time was my co-owned junior girl Mocha. She was best female with CAC and finally best of breed.

Mocha really was really astonishing sight. I's so satisfied with this puppies. I wondered long should I keep or sale her. Thank you Saija for your great job with Mocha's fur which was really super. Her puppy coat didn't came off easily :) Work victory I might say. Huge congratulations to Saija and Mocha!

Greetings from Russia

I got pictures from my friend Julia Polyakova/ Nativebear kennel, Russia. Congratulations Julia for your great breeding work!

Puppies in the pictures are Phantom's and Shane's offspring, really GORGEOUS!

They also has offspring from my males Brawley, Niko and Pena from previous years. Quality breeding with top lines.

27.4.13 Kiuruvesi

Judge Esko Nummijärvi

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPEN EXC-1 SQ BM-1 CAC BOB!!

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" CHAMP. EXC-1 SQ BB-1 BOS

Double victory. Oh my how though trip after night shift which lasted until 11 pm. After that I had to wash Zumba so there wasn't time left for sleeping, about few hours only. And then I had to hit the road with dogs. It's up to luck how it goes in summer with my shifts.. We have full night shifts.

I'm very pleased Phantom's judgement, he got what he deserve. His performance is starting to go better all the time. Although he is playfull boy with "a little twinkle in his eye, while wondering what to do with Her". So it went really well.

Zumba has been successfull and I don't need to be nervous about what judges think of her, if the judge is a professonal. Unfortunately there are no pictures from the show.
Thank you judge.

20.4.13 Outokumpu

Judge Irina Poletaeva

Midian's Dark Shadow "Mocha" JUN EXC-1

First show for my co-owned girl went well. I was a little upset about her coat, because it was in a such good condition earlier. At this season it is this, dogs falls down their coats.

THANKS, well done Saija and Mocha. The judgement was really good and supportive.
Thank you judge.

13.4.13 INT Vaasa

Judge Pekka Teini

Midian's Chief "Kuma" INTERM. EXC-1 SQ BM-2 CAC RES-CACIB
Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPEN EXC-2 SQ
Midian's Quiet Blackbear "Mökö" CHAMP. EXC-3 SQ

Midian's Zumba "Zumba" CHAMP. EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CACIB BOS!!
Midian's First Sakurano "Sandra" VET VG

Our trip to Vaasa was quite good. The young man Kuma was second best male and got himself a cac and res-cacib. I look forward to see how he developes and what he will be at an adult, he is already a stunning male with gorgeous, flawless movements.

Phantom performed greatly and was open class' second with sq. I'm very pleased that some judges are familiar with the breed and knows the America's type which is my favourite. The teddy bear heads are the breed's trademark and I don't want to bargain over them.

Zumba was the only female with sq, althought there were 10 other females around. I'm pleased. Cacib and bos was a great achievement with semi-full coat.

Thank you Heidi for your help, funny day behind.
Thank you judge.


LVJ CH, LTJ CH, EEJ CH, BALTJ CH, LV, LT, EE, BALT, RU, BY, PL CH & Moldova, Turkish, San Marino, Cyprus and Azerbaijan Champion!!
Midian's Unique Bear "Han"

Huge, super congratulations Sandra and Han! Unbelievable line of titles. Good luck and lots of success to next shows.
Warm thanks to all the judges.

9.3.13 Juuka

judge Juha Putkonen

Midian's Dark Volcano "Mosku" JUN EXC-2 SQ BM-2 RES-CAC

Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" INTERM. EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC BOB!

Congratulations to both of them! Well done little Mosku and Anu. Practice makes perfect :)


Open Show
judge Rune Fagerström

Male puppies 5-7 months
Midian's El Zorro "Sorro" 4.

Female puppies 5-7 months
Mer-Gitten Blaze Midian's "Pea" 1. BB-2-puppy

Midian's Chief "Kuma" INTERM. 2.

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPEN 3.

Midian's Quiet Blackbear "Mökö" CHAMP. 1.

Midian's Chili "Ziva" INTERM. 1. BOS!!
Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" INTERM. 2.

Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET 1. BOB-vet BIS-vet!!
Midian's Drastic Girl "Doris" VET 2.
Midian's First Sakurano "Sandra" VET 3.

Tourist class, Males
Great Flames Fearless Midian's 1. BOB-tourist

Thank you all for the warm felt open show. The atmosphere were again nice and there were many dogs entered, about 50 American Akitas. Thanks judges and organizers.
Congratulations to all the succesfull dogs.

Dogs bred or co-owned by Midian's had a great day.
Sorro boy was fourth of young puppies, congratulations Suvi and Sorro.
Pea, little miss, were first of the young puppies and second best female puppy, congratulations Arja and Pea.
Kuma was second in intermedia class, Phantom was third at open class and the most successfull Midian's dog was Mökö, who won champion class. Huge congratulations Heidi and Mökö, well done!

Sisters did well in intermedia class. Ziva was first and at the end best female and BOS. Congratulations Marjo and Joni Ziva's great success!
Nuka was second in her class, congratulations Niina and Nuka!

It's a little bit funny that next Midian's females were experienced, dignified veteran ladies.
Aiko was first with BOB-vet and BIS-veteran victories, huge congratulations Mervi and Aiko.
Doris was second at veterans, these sisters are very much different types. Congratulations Arja and Doris.
Third was Sandra, congratulations Heidi and Sandra.

My former male Vito won tourist class, congratulations Tiina and Vito. It's such a shame that I had to give up such a wonderful male because of he has only one testicle.. He would have been a great male for my females with his nice pedigree etc. This is breeding... misfortune sometimes. Next time with better luck, Erika :)


After open show there was TOP 2012 American Akita invitation competition. Judges were Eeva Resko, ESQ Ruotsalainen and Rainer Vuorinen.

There were 19 successfull dogs from last year. I left Zumba at home because she is on a maternity leave and last year she won the competition.

Winner was wonderful Hellstar's Avalance, Urho and the second came my bred and co-owned male Midian's Chief, Kuma. Congratulations Urho, his family and his breeder. Warm thanks to all the judges. Kuma is still developing young male, time will tell what he well be.

Thank you Erika, Jenna and Jonna for open and top shows photos :)

23.2.13 Tuusniemi

judge Hannele Jokisilta

Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" JUN EXC-1 SQ BB-1 CAC BOS!

Congratulations Niina and Nuka, you did great!

2.2.13 Keuruu

judge Harto Stocmari

Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPEN G

I feel shared sense of shame for the judge. No male was excellent for him, although all the males were excellent if you compared them examble to females. Phantom got good because of the slippery floor. I didn't dare to move him normally and his movements was short. I didn't want him to fell down and hurt him, back or maybe legs, only because of one small show. It would have ruined the whole Finnish borrowing time.

Big males movement on the slippery floor was terrible to watch. It look like they were limping and many of them slip really bad. You couldn't value movements on that enviroment. I wonder, every year there are complains about the carpets but nothing ever happens. It's not judges fault if ground is not ok.

Congratulations to new champion - I agree on that :)

13.1.13 KV Kajaani

judge Ralf Campbell, Norway

Midian's Dark Volcano "Mosku" JUN VG 1
Miyamoto Takuan "Phantom" OPEN EXC-2

Midian's Baywatch Babe "Saga" OPEN G
Midian's Dayshimmer Girl "Aiko" VET EXC-1 SQ BOB-Vet and BOB!!!

Thank you my friends and Midian's dogs owners for a nice show, although the cold and awful show place wasn't tempting. I knew the judge might want to see a different excellent head type than Phantom has. Boy was too "teddy bear" like to this judge. Judgement was good, except he wanted to see more higher size and longer muzzle. So brittish type... Phantom was second at open class.. Although many breeder tought he was the best male, thank you for that.. It is more important that the people who breed and are focused 100 % to the breed, understoods the quality.

Mosku was first time in a show ring and didn't quite know what to do... Well, we are pleased to his excellent, congratulations Anu and Mosku.

Saga got good because of her slightly reserved temperament. She just needs practice.

The brightness star here was grand old lady Aiko. She won all younger ones being the best female, best of breed veteran and at the end best of breed. Amazing, congratulations Mervi and Aiko!

Thanks to judge.

Welcome New Year 2013

We want to thank all our friends, dogs owners (new, old and comming) for the passed year and your co-operations.

I took some holiday off the dog things at the end of last year. I only kept good care of my own dogs. I needed some time and relaxing to gather strength, work new plans and hopes - and it has done a good job. Homepages are going to be updated to final from last year, when I have the time to do them and send to Emilia. By reading end of the story you will know what misfortune I have had.

Let's start from the beginning of 2012. Start went mostly covering from my mother's death and in the side I just needed to go on and take care of work, home and dogs and just try to work all out. Some how I have done that because a year is passed and it's starting to get easier. Occasionally there are some bad times, specially the holidays, which Christmas is the most painfull. Maybe you all just need to experience this to know what it is. You just have to get your strenght from somewhere, life goes on. Luckily I have had work to do, supporting family, great friends and this dog hobby - I think I will survive.

Last year included some good and bad things.
Let's start from the good things: My employment has continued and there are work to do. There are totally new possibilities at American Akita breeding, because I have had the honour to borrow great adult males for breeding and for shows to Finland. Huge thanks to Spain, Manuel Cruz, Luis Matilla Besada, Francisco Garcia Montoto, Jose Del Moral Moya and Dulce Moreda, and all the friends who have helped us at Finland.

First we got to borrow wonderful Kramer, Countryside's Kaner's Miyamoto, who became International, Finnish, Swedish and Estonia champion. Thank you Katariina Lahikainen and your friend Viki for all the help at shows and bringing Kramer to Finland. We got four litters at Finland. There are not many puppies but they are very promising.

Hanna and I travel with Kramer at September to Spain to take him back to home and same time we entered spanish American Akita Speciality. The judge were a specialist Beverly Vicks from USA. Wonderful, kind and professional judge. It would be wonderful to get her to judge finnish Speciality some day. It was great to get to know spanish American Akita people and their shows. Kramer's offspring were succesfull and the atmosphere was nice. I showed Kramer at the speciality and he was third in his class. Kramer's offspring class was best. I'm going to update later more about this show with pictures to 2012 news. The trip was memorable experience. All the people were so friendly and the children were so polite. We got to know Francisko's twin girls and they were charming little misses. I hope all the best to you and I'm so gratefull you all, I already miss you!!

We came back home with gorgeous teddybear Phantom, Miyamoto Takuan. We didn't get the sun to come along, but we do got this wonderful male and Phantom is going to stay with us till autumn. We are still thinking which female we are going to combine with Phantom. More info coming later.

Here are some succesfull own dogs are dogs bred by me from last year. Let's start with American Akitas:
New champions:
Fin CH Senseo Good Girl Gone Bad, Geisha
Fin & LV CH Midian's Zumba, Zumba
Fin Mva Midian's Piece Of Heaven, Pilvi

At veteran rings Aiko(Midian's Dayshimmer Girl) shined being 8 times BOB-vet and at least one time BIS-4 and BIS-2. I don't even remember all her placements. Congratulations Mervi and Aiko!
Nemo (Midian's General Tiger) got titles from Helsinki Winner (HeVW-12) and Winner show (VW-12) being BOB-veteran. Congratulations Saila and Nemo.
My darling granny Dara (Kulmakuusen Madara) was three times BOB-veteran and 3 times BIS-1-veteran.
Midian's Eternal Flame was BOB-vet, congratulations Eija and Ebba.
Midian's First Sakurano was 2 x BOB-vet. Congratulations Heidi and Sandra.

Younger ones most succesfull was Midian's Chief, Midian's Chili, Midian's Cayenne and Readbear's Einstein to Midian's.

From adults Midian's Zumba won TOP-2011 competition last year. Wow... and this year Midian's Chief was second at TOP-2012 competition, we are very proud. Han, Unique Bear, who lives at Riga, is now 12 countries champion!! Amazing!! Congratulations Sandra and Han.

Beagles Midian's Chost, Midian's Coblin, Midian's Cinderella and Midian's Häjy Hilima showed themself at shows. Congratulations to owners and good luck to next shows.

American Foxhound Midian's Abril Kiarry has been Danish Top-1 American Foxhound at years 2010, 2011 and 2012. Congratulations to Denmark and good luck to this year! I have to start show my own Foxhounds this year. I could start looking handlers to them so I wouldn't need to panic who is presenting them if American Akita rings are at the same time. It seems that always the rings are at same time and stress is quite high... Because of this reason it is nice to take only one breed to show. And if the breeds are judged at different days it takes lot of effort to drive several times to show. I fool used to take three breeds at shows at the same time ;) I just don't have the energy do that anymore, specially with all the brushing and cleaning.

If I forgot to mention someone, please don't get upset, I can't remember everyone's success not even in Finland, not to mention abroad. Lots of good luck and success to you all to this year!!

Last year's litters Midian's Ilkeä, Beagle litter, was successfull. There are quite promising dogs growing. Regards to all the owners, please send me new pictures! Only one American Akita litter was fully succeeded. Two others were ment to succeed but they didn't. Because of this I took extra long break from dog business... Breeder's worst nightmare strike to my two American Akita litters.

Zumba and Kramer got 9 puppies, but only three survived alive and my co-owned Tytti's and Roope's all 7 puppies died. These litters was born at same time. This experience makes you so small. All the trouble to find a good male for Zumba, this is why Kramer flew from Spain to Finland, all the money, flights, stud payments in advance, shows and work, waiting and hope.. All gone. I also mated Geisha with Kramer but she didn't make any puppies... At this situation it's was a good thing. Zumba's puppies only three survived and one of them is long haired. At least we got them.
Tytti's and Roope's puppies looked great and the puppies stayed alive for 4 weeks until the virus attacked and after that they all died day by day. It was so awful because the puppies already had own personalities and they were playing and looked great.. Came to you and sitted in your laps.. Just awful and so wrong. Tytti was also depressed. Staying up all nights and trying to take care and trying to save the puppies and for two weeks took all my strength. The trial was so awful, I don't wish this even to my worst enemies.. This is a good teach what is the worst that can happen. I just thought everything goes well like it has always went before. But it didn't.

I sent dead puppies to be tested to make sure what was the cause of the deaths, because it has been very rare among my American Akitas to have many puppies dying. The test showed that Herpes virus had kill them. Awful but reality. I also had 5-6 weeks old Beagle puppies, but luckily they didn't get any problems. This day on I will get vaccines against Herpes to all my females, so I don't need to experience this ever again and I recommend the vaccination to all who have show dog, the virus is every where.

These kind of things feels so frustrating and it takes all the strenght, this happens when you want to work and invest to the breed. But I need to pull myself up again and go forward to another dissapointments, no can do. You all can try to be breeders and test will your physical and mental resources pull you through if everything doesn't go as planned. I hope this year will bring nice things and plans along, maybe little more luck. I think with these remains of luck we'll go on. What doesn't kill makes you stronger.

Thank you all who managed to read till the end of this text. Be wiser with your puppy plans, this could happen to you.

Hugs and thanks to Emilia for updating my websites!

Let's hope for the better year 2013 to us all and we'll see at shows!!