NEWS 2014



Huge congratulations Marjo and Joni for Ziva's championship title, you've got a nearly perfect dog there.

Ziva got wonderful 191 points from character test. Wonderful, congratulations!!

6.-7.12.2014 INT Helsinki/Winner shows

Sa judge tuom. Britt Erna Nordin
Su judge Vanessa Williams-Wegmann

Saturday: Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" OPN VG2
Saturday: Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" OPN EXC2

Congratulations Suvi and Zorro. Thanks to the handler and the judges.

9.11.14 KV Jyväskylä

judge George Schogol

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" OPN EXC1
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" INTERM VG2

Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" CHAMP EXC1 SQ BB1 CACIB BOS

Congratulations Niina for Nuka's success!
Thank you judge.

26.10.14 Seinäjoki

judge Matti Palojärvi

Midian's Ilkeä Iiro "Iiro" OPN EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC BOB

Congratulations Iiro's family!
Thank you judge.

13.9.14 Porvoo

judge Saija Juutilainen

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" OPN EXC2 SQ RESCAC

Congratulations again and thanks to the handler :)
Thank you judge.

7.9.14 Speciality Hollola

judge Rune Fagerström

Mount Joy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" PUP1 HP BOB-PUPPY Super BIS2!!
Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" OPN VG
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" OPN VG4
Wolfteam's White Akbal Bal "Zony" OPN VG
Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Petro" CHAMP VG

Thank you judge.

6.9.14 Äänekoski

judge Paavo Mattila

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" OPN EXC
Midian's Flirtini "Anda" JUN VG1

Suvi was late for the ring, so Zorro got only a judgement.
Thank you judge.

31.8.14 Liminka Pentunäyttely

judge Markku Kipinä

Mount Joy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" PUP1 HP BOB-PUPPY

Tequila was BOB, wonderful day. Thank you Merja for your help with the photos.
Thank you judge.

30.8.14 Janakkala

judge Maria Thorpe

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" INTERM EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC CACIB BOB
Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" OPN EXC1 SQ BM3 RES-CAC

Congratulations Suvi for both boys success :) Thank you Anu for handling. Thank you judge. Thank you Suvi for the photos.

24.8.14 Heinola

judge Elina Haapaniemi

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" AVO EXC1

Well done Suvi and Zorro.
Thank you judge.

23.8.14 Kouvola

judge Jan Coppens

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" INTERM EXC1 SQ BM2 CAC
Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" OPN EXC1

Congratulations Suvi for boys success!
Thank you handlers and judge.

23.8.14 Ikaalinen

judge Pekka Teini

Midian's Ilkeä Iiro "Iiro" AVO EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC BOB BOG-2!!

The perfect Beagle.. Iiro. Last time I saw him when he was 10 weeks old. These kind of dogs you should never give away :)

Huge congratulations to family Friimäki for Iiro's huge success!
Thank you judge.

16.8.14 Ristijärvi

judge Juha Putkonen

Midian's Real Reason "Rokki" AVO EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC BOB
Midian's Dark Shadow "Mocha" OPN G (fat)

Wonderful, congratulations Saila for Rokki's success!
Thank you judge.

8.8.14 WDS-2014 Helsinki

American Akita
judge Evgeny Kuplyauskas

Mount Joy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" PUP1
Midian's Impressive Bear "Elvis" VET EXC3

judge Malo Alcrudo Rafael

Midian's Aurora Kiarry "Aurora" AVO EXC1 CAC CACIB BOB FI CH WW-14
Kiarry's Jeeze Louise "Weezer" VET EXC1 VASERT BOB-Vet WWV-14

judge Fernandos Renau Carlos

Midian's Ghost "Eetu" OPN VG

Wonderful day at World Winner Show! We got two new WW-titles to our American Foxhounds. Thank you Susanna Virtanen for handling them!! And thank you judge for your expertise on our breed.

Elvis was third at veteran class, congratulations Saila and Elvis.

2.8.14 Kurikka

judge Jari Fors

Midian's Ilkeä Iiro "Iiro" OPN EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC BOB BOG-3!
Midian's Garlic "Likka" OPN G

Congratulations family Friimäki for Iiro's wonderful success!

Thank you judge.

2.8.14 Viitasaari

judge Anneli Pukkila

Midian's Real Reason "Rokki" AVO EXC1 SQ BM2 VASERT
Midian's Dark Shadow "Mocha" OPN G (fat)

Congratulations Rokki's success Saija!
Thank you judge.

1.8.14 INT Kuopio

judge Harri Lehkonen

Midian's Häjy Hanski "Särö" AVO EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC CACIB BOS

Huge congratulations to Särö and Elli. You've got a boy who is great in so many hobbies :D I'm so proud of you!
Thank you judge.

27.7.14 Saarijärvi

judge Roberto Schill, AA
judge Tuula Savolainen, Beagles

AAMount Joy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" PUP1 HP BOB-PUPPY
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" NUO EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC BOB

BeagletMidian's Goblin "Gomi" OPEN EXC2 SQ BM2 CAC

Thank you all my friends for a lovely day and my best congratulations for your dogs success. Our camp ruled today :) Rocky was picked for continue at group, but he didn't placed.

Thank you Viki for the lovely show leashes and sunblock :) It was a hot day, huh huh.
Thank you judge.

19.-20.7.14 2 puppy shows

Sat. judge Perttu Ståhlberg
Sun. judge Maija Mäkinen

SaturdayMount Joy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" PUP1 HP BOB-PUPPY BOG-2!

SundayMount Joy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" PUP1 HP BOB-PUPPY BOG-1!

Wow, wonderful puppy shows behind and even a bit heavy to drive fort and back because I went home in the middle of show days. But a great weekend. This time we met a wonderful chow chow person with her lovely chow chow puppy and we became friends at once. Also Tequila liked her new friend. Thank you Sanna for a nice weekend and hopefully we meet again :)
Thanks to all the judges.

13.7.14 Oulu

judge Matti Palojärvi

Midian's Goblin "Gomi" OPEN EXC2

Congratulations Gomi and Virpi. Better day than yesterday with a wonderful judgement :)
Thank you judge.

12.7.14 Kokkola

judge Soile Bister

Midian's Goblin "Gomi" OPEN VG1

Good luck to you next shows Gomi and Virpi. The judgement was really nice, in spite of short legs.
Thank you judge.

12.7.14 Luumäki

judge Hilkka Salohalla

Mount Joy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" PUP1 HP BOB-PUPPY BOG-1!

Thank you Suvi and Jari for letting me stay a night at your home. Puuki and Zorro loved me into pieces when I got there. Huh what a giat teddybears they are.
Thanks for a nice show day Erika and Veijo :)
Thank you judge.

12.7.14 INT Oulu

judge Nina Karlsdotter

Midian's Chili "Ziva" OPEN EXC2 SQ BB2 CAC RES-CACIB (FI CH)

Wonderful, congratulations Marjo for Ziva's last CC! Now you only need a result from character test and she'll be new Finnish Champion. Really great!! Wonderful girl and wonderful character.
Thank you judge.

5.7.14 Nastola SSKY Speciality

judge Anneli Pukkila

Mount Joy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" PUP1 HP BOB-PUPPY BIS3-puppy!!
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" CHAMP EXC2 SQ

Nice day for our little Tequila, thank you friends for the nice day. Big thanks Erika for all the presents :) And big extra thanks to Virpi for your travelling company, funny trip... Although I was a bit sorry for Zumba's partial limber tail what showed in her placement... No can do. Luckily the the trouble lasted only few days.
Thank you judge. Thank you Krista for the pictures.

28.6.14 Forssa

judge Tarjan Anna-Maria

Midian's Impressive Bear "Elvis" VET EXC1 SQ BM4 BOB-VET

Wonderful Elvis and Saila, congratulations for your success.
Thank you judge.

21.6.14 INT Rovaniemi

judge Markku Kipinä

Midian's Eternal Flame "Ebba" VET EXC1 SQ BB2 BOB-VET

Huge congratulatiosn to Ebba granny and to Eija for your wonderful success.
Thank you judge.

8.6.14 Lahti Group and Puppy Shows

Group show
judge Perttu Ståhlberg, Finland

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" INT EXC1 SQ BM2 CAC
Midian's Fuzzy Navel "Venla" JUN EXC1

Puppy show
AA, judge Perttu Ståhlberg, Finland

5-7 month, males
Midian's Golden Gun "Remu" PUP1 HP BM2-puppy

5-7 month, females
Mount Joy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" PUP1 HP BOB-puppy BOG1 and BIS4-puppy!!

Thank you Anne, Ave and Erika for a lovely show day at Lahti. The atmosphere was nice and we were even successfull. Rocky boy got a cac and placing second, jippii, and Venla got excellent, surely I went there a cac in my mind ;) joke, joke.. Surely she is stil puppy-like and not too big, she could grow a bit.. But she still is a real cutie and represents an American type, round and strong overall.

At puppy show Zumba's and Enska's son Remu started his shows for the first time, and it went well. He got honour price even he still is a bit high on back, very promising although. Remu lost to his cousin, gorgeous Urho, who combited at the older puppy class. Tequila the little princess got the jackpot by being best of breed puppy, best puppy of the group 5 and at the last best in show puppy 4 by the judge Paula Rekiranta!! There was 300 puppy entered to the show... What a gorgeous day and it was nice to drive home after this kind of success. Thank you all for the congratulations and pictures. I don't know all the people who send me photos, but thank you so much.

Congratulations Anne, Silver and Erika :) There are some wonderful dogs growing. Thanks to all the judges.

8.6.14 Isojoki

judge Juhani Lappi

Midian's Ilkeä Iiro "Iiro" INT EXC2 SQ BM3 RES-CAC

Congratulations Tarja-Leena and Jukka for Iiro's first show result. You did great. Iiro needs a little diet and I'm sure he'll do even better next time :)

Also thanks for the pictures, he looks great. I love his color and strenght, even mentioned the expression. I look forward to handle him at rings :) Even as a puppy he was a vigorous youngster.
Thank you judge.

7.6.14 Pielavesi

judge Riitta Lahtovaara

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" INT EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC BOB

Huge congratulations to Rocky and Anne, wonderful! Thank you Niina Kantel for handling Rocky, great job :)
Thank you judge.

Welcome to Finland Tequila!

New charming American Akita puppy "Tequila" Mount Joy's Tequila Sunrise has come to live with us. Tequila is owned by Erika Häkkinen who gave her to me for co-owning. Thank you Erika for your trust. I will do my best that she will grow to be a healthy and brave girl. I look excited to see what the year holds for her. Tequila's breeder is well known mrs. Patricia Ellis from USA. Pictures by Erika Häkkinen.

29.5.14 Ruovesi

judge Jaana Hartus

Midian's Häjy Hanski "Särö" OPEN EXC1

Good luck for the next time, the last CC will come :) Double colored is not appreciated by all.
Thank you judge.

25.5.14 Mikkeli

judge Paavo Mattila

Midian's Häjy Hanski "Särö" OPEN EXC1 SQ BM2 RES-CAC

Congratulations Särö and Elli, we'll see you at shows during the summer!! Congratulations also for you success at obedience competitions!!
Thank you judge.

18.5.14 Oulu

judge Anneli pukkila

Midian's Baywatch Babe "Saga" OPEN VG1

Good luck till the next shows, Saga is in a good condition :) Well done Maarit :)
Thank you judge.

17.-18.5.14 Joensuu shows

INT Saturday, judge Eivind Mjaerum
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" JUN EXC1 SQ BM3 CAC
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zoni" OPEN EXC1 SQ BM4 RES-CAC RES-CACIB

NAT Sunday, judge Andrej Szutkiewicz
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" JUN EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC BOB
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zoni" OPEN EXC1 SQ BM2 RES-CAC

Thanks for the fun weekend at Muruvesi at Anne's and Silver's home, you're great! Thank also my friends for the lovely days at Joensuu show. We did great. Rocky got what he should have gotten long time ago. Such a structure, head and movement in a dog, wuhuuu he's super. He surely has developed in a good direction since I saw him last time. Also Zony was in a great condition. White color doesn't get excuses, but in that condition he should win a lot of other males, even with his color. Nice work Niina. It's a shame that I didn't enter him to any shows when he was younger, it's hard at open class with almost veteran to compeed among younger males.. As soon as the judges hears his age they start to wonder why he isn't already a champion. Well he's not because he hasn't been in any shows when he lived with me. I didn't had the extra time for everyone. Still, he is in a wonderful condition and the structure, temperament... etc. are gold.

My best congratulations for boys success! Thank you judge.
Below some pictures from the show :) Pictures from the ring are Anne's friends, thanks for them. Others are our own.

17.5.14 Kittilä

judge Irina poletaeva

Midian's King Of The North "Konsta" VET EXC1 SQ BM1 BOB BOB-VET BIS4!!
Midian's Warrioir OfThe North "Veijo" OPEN VG1

Midian's Baywatch Babe "Saga" OPEN EXC1

Congratulations you North people!! Huge congratulations to Konsta and Aini for Konsta's Bis-4 veteran victory, you got a cherry to top of the cake :)
Thank you judges.

10.5 ja 11.5 Seinäjoki (Nurmo)

Sat judge Erja Nummi
Midian's Goblin "Gomi" OPEN EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC BOB!!

Sun judge Markku Kipinä
Midian's Goblin "Gomi" OPEN EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC BOB BOG-2!!
Midian's Garlic "Likka" OPEN VG1

Wonderful weekend at "home fields". Thank you my friends for the lovely show weekend here at Nurmo :D Gomi was a star being the best Beagle for both of the days and his sister Likka entered the first time and got herserf a very good. She just needs some ring experience. Congratulations to both dogs owners, way to go!!

Thank you judges. Below some photos :D It was cold, but we made it.

10.5.14 Hamina INT

judge Boris Spoljaric

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" INT EXC1 SQ BM4 CAC

Congratulations Zorro and Suvi! Thank you Tarleena for handling Zorro.
Thank you judge.

3.5.14 Posio

judge Hilkka Salohalla

Midian's Eternal Flame "Ebba" VET EXC1 BOB-VET
Midian's Baywatch Babe "Saga" OPEN VG1

Congratulations Iron Lady Ebba and Eija! Good luck to next show Maarit and Saga :)
Thank you judge.


Erja Mäkelä's story about tracking trials with American Akita Ruuti (tracking champion Timberlake Bear). Thank you Erja for the interesting story which can give a spark to try to other owners.


D.O.B. 9.11.2005
(s. Midian’s Bijinesuman – d. Chereed Wintercliff Ilustria)
Breeder: S. Usova, Moscow Russian
Owner: Erja Mäkelä, Koskenkorva

Ruuti moved to us at Koskenkorva at the end of January 2006 from Katri Laitila who had got her as a change from Russia. She were Katri's future breeding dog. I loved instantly Ruuti's gentle and open temperament so naturally Ruuti moved inside to live with our Spaniel pack.

When Ruuti came to us we had already been active at trackings with our spaniels. We made first tracks at spring 2007 when Ruuti was 1,5 year old. She tracked well marking all the lays. At the beginning Ruuti's markings were so great that she would get full points every time; Ruuti hides trotters fully with her muzzle. So we entered a competition first time at the same spring. Unfortunately our result was round zero, but we did get a lot of experience. The next competition was cancelled because of the warm weather, I think.

The next year went at Ruuti's heat cycle. Unfortunately Ruuti started her heat everytime another female at our house started heat. Luckily we managed to enter one trial and got a result OPEN2 with 38 points. One loss and even that was because of a female capercaillie with her litter, and that mixed Ruuti's mind totally at the forest. At the end of 2008 Ruuti was mated with a hansom Elvis and these love fruits saw the daylight at January 2009. One of these puppies pops up; Midian's Unique Bear who lives at Riika, who is champion of at least 12 different countries.

Even at May 2009 Ruuti entered tracking trial again; her condition was good and she had returned from the puppies quickly. And at the beginning of the season a great result OPEN1 with 41 points, handled by my husband. They were so proud when they came back from the forrest! The next trials the results were two, three and zero; Ruuti had learned that there is also game at the forrests and those smell too good to her nose than the aged blood track.

The year 2010 started with a big operation. We didn't needed to make puppies with Ruuti and her heat always messed up the trials so we decided to sterilizate her. The operation went well, yet a quick recovery and into a next trial at May. From the first start, which is always the hardest after winter break, we got third result, the next zero. From the third trial we got Ruuti's brawur second result with 38 points. We had one miss but otherwise she tracked the blood line perfectly. The next trial, which was at the warmest time at July, crowned our season; OPEN1 with 43 points and move to winner class, and again handled by my husband. This was Ruuti's last result from the season, because we had to start to train tracks stops and we decided to left that to the next spring.

A new season started at spring 2011 with Ruuti at winner class. I was a little bit nervous at the first start, how we'll manage the stop; at the trains the stop had went nicely. We got result: WIN3 with 29 points, not bad at all, good to go on. At the next trial we got the same third result with the same points. After that we got two times zero. I already had in mind to end the season there and continue next spring, but something made me continue. Luckily we did continue, because we got the first time the first-result with 42 points and handled by my husband! The season's last trial we got zero, handled by me. Now it was the time to stop and think what goes wrong; do we get the zero results because of the handler or from some other reason. We thinked the forrests where Ruuti got the zero results and our conclusion was that Ruuti had changed the blood track after the trotter, so she were more interested about mooses than the blood tracks. This meaned that we needed to change our methods for the next season.

The season 2012 started by making blood tracks into a grounds where we knew mooses move. But no, you couldn't tell to an American Akita what to track; if the dog wanted to change the track after the trotter, there's nothing we could do. Frustrating. Well, there were nothing else to do but to enter a trial and see what happens. At the first trial Ruuti tracked well until the last corner from where she changed the track after a moose, of course, and second result. The next trial lift up our moods, result was WIN1 with 40 points, handled by me. The next trials we got 1 x WIN2 and couple zero results.

I wondered at spring 2013 would this season be Ruuti's last tracking season. Ruuti was already 7,5 years old and not a small female. Although dogs condition has always been good, the moving at forrests strains big dogs joints more than examble a small Spaniels. The season started nicely: first trial second result with the traditional 38 points. So close but not just yet, sigh. The next trial turned to be our careers best: WIN1 with 44 points and Finnish Tracking Champion!! A good ending to Ruuti's tracking career and let the dog enjoy it's well-earned retiring days.

Ruuti was, if you could say like this, a pleasant dog to handle at tracking. She walked calmly at her own rhythym, although she is a big dog and could have pull hardly. Few judges did mentioned before going on a track that remember to brake. I laughed and said back that I don't need to brake with this dog, almost the opposite. Ruuti was also an explicit to guide at the ground; even a small pull from the leash and the dog changed it's direction, mostly off from the track. If leash rounded over her foot the dog stopped totally; this is something that Spaniels would never do, they just goes on. Ruuti's own peculiar things were rounding fallen trees, you just couldn't go over them. She also started to wonder next to a waterry trench. She wouldn't like to get wet feet, apsolutely not. And the hiding of a trotter, it was quick and affective; in one trial the guide was having difficult time to finding the trorrer, it was covered that good.

I wouldn't change even one day from the time we had spend with Ruuti at home or at grounds. Thanks to the breeder and to Katri for this wonderful dog, who spent happy retiring days as an uncrowned queen of the Spaniel pack.

Also I would like to thank Finnish American Akita club for remembering the best commendable track-dog. Ruuti have had the trophy at the years 2009-2013. At the starting years there were some other participants, but unfortunately last years Ruuti has been the only one. I would highly hope that other American Akita owners would find this as a hobby for them and their dogs. Tracking takes work, but gives so much to the dog and the owner.

26.4.14 Lahti INT

judge Terry Stacy, Canada

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" JUN VG1
Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" INT VG1

Midian's Fuzzy Navel "Venla" JUN EXC1 SQ BB2 CAC, BOB-jun.
Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" CHAMP VG2

Thank you my friends for the fun day. It was a surprise that the boys didn't liked the dark show place. Both of the were "sneaking" in the ring, what can you do... Still both boys got very good, judge didn't like their movements.

At least the girls did great, as always. Champion girls coat was off, so she wasn't in a good show condition, but we were interested to hear what a Canadian judge says about our dogs. Venla entered the first time junior class, wohooo she was second at females and got a cac. I'm very pleased. If she would have been a bit taller, we would have been first :D

Thank you Krista and Maarit for the photos.
Thank you judge.

19.4.14 Imatra INT

judge Hans Van Den Berg

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" INT EXC1 SQ BM1 CAC CACIB BOB!!

Huge congratulations Zorro and Suvi! Thank you Anu for handling.
Thank you judge.

5.4.14 Polvijärvi

judge Mari Lackman

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" JUN EXC1
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zoni" OPEN VG1

Good luck for the next shows girls ;)
Thank you judge.

29.3.14 Kajaani

judge Jari Fors

Midian's Eternal Flame "Ebba" VET EXC1 SQ BB2 BOB-VET

Huge congratulations for the veteran mom in a splendid condition. Mother and son (Konsta) were best of breed veterans at the same time. Congratulations Ebba and Eija.
Thank you judge.

29.3.14 Kemijärvi

judge Tapio Eerola

Midian's King Of The North "Konsta" VET EXC1 SQ BM1 BOB BOB-VET

Huge congratulatoins to the wonderful Konsta and Aini :) Hansom veteran!
Thank you judge.

2.3.14 Lahti Open show & Top-competition

judge Perttu Ståhlberg

INT 1. Midian's El Zorro
CHAMP 3. Midian's Chief
VET 2. Midian's Impressive Bear

JUN 1. Midian's Fernet Uma Branca
JUN 2. Midian's Fuzzy Navel
CHAMP 3. Midian's Cayenne
VET 2. Midian's Dayshimmer Girl

BOB-breeder kennel Midian's

There were three Midian's dogs at the Top-competition, but this year we didn't make it to the final two.

Thank you my friends for the nice day at Open show. The atmosphere was relaxed and nice. It was nice to see also Uma and Epp who came here from Estonia. Uma won junior girls and her sister Venla was second. Other our results are mentioned above. Congratulations to the winners and thank you judges.

Above a photo for the sisters Uma and Venla.

16.2.14 Jyväskylä Judges -support show


Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" JUN EXC1 SQ BM2 CAC

Congratulations Zorro and Suvi, thanks for the handling Anu!! I was sick so I couldn't go myself to the show.
Thank you judge.

15.2.14 Tuusniemi

judge Urosevic Milivoje

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" JUN EXC2

Wonderful review, I'm just waiting him to grow a bit. Congratulations Anne and team :)
Thank you judge.

2.2.14 Joensuu RN

judge Tuula Savolainen

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" JUN EXC2
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" JUN VG3
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zoni" OPEN VG1

Boys and owners, good luck till next time :) The reviews sounded good.

1.2.14 Champion Of Champions Gala Fur Center, Vantaa

Claudio De Giuliani, Italy
Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, FI
Paula Rekiranta, FI

Our bred gorgeous Beagle boy Midian’s Ghost, familiarly known as Eetu, was invited to this beautiful gala. All the most highly successful dogs from last year 2013 were invited. Eetu’s owner Päivi Sorvari wanted me to enter with her, so together we represented double colored Beagle at this wonderful event. Beagles are quite popular these days, also double colored Beagles are wanted. When I started there weren’t many of these. I only wanted the color to my dogs and breeding. And here we are with all the success. This was my second time at the gala. First time I was there with my own bred American Akita male Niko (Midian’s Aki-Ice Diamond) ten years ago. Our co-owned American Akita import male Äijä (Senseo Black Wizard) got also invited some years ago, but we were at Denmark and at the very same gala, so Äijä didn’t enter any Finnish galas, into where I think he was invited few times.

Also kennel Hessin people were there and we had a really nice evening with them. I think the menu was good, starters was salmon in three different types, main course was pressed beef, parmesan chicken turned into a bacon, rice with vegetables etc. For the dissert we had panna cotta and cherry compote. Good company and good dinner… Thank you all for a lovely evening, specially to Päivi who made this possible..

Eetu dropped out at the first couple, he competed against the whole show’s second dog, the West Highland White Terrier. That didn’t turn our mood down, it’s only a show and the even itself is a great experience. Eetu is still a gorgeous Beagle and the highest placing Finnish Beagle at the Winner show 2013.. so from here is nice to continue at this year :) Eetu’s EGO is marvelous.. It will take him far.
Thanks to all the judges.

11.1.14 KV Kajaani

judge Maija Sylgren

Midian's Fuzzy Navel "Venla" PUP1 HP BOB-pentu

Midian's Chief "Kuma" CHAMP EXC2 SQ BM2 RES-CACIB
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" JUN EXC1
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zoni" OPEN EXC1

Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" CHAMP EXC1 SQ BB2 CACIB
Midian's Dark Shadow "Mocha" INT VG1

Thank you my friends for the lovely show day at Kajaani's freezing hall. Tough trip for a daily trip to drive alone, but it's done. Venla was charming. She entered the show first time and didn't fear anything, altough the hall can be an awful place even to older dogs sometimes.
Thank you judge. The pictures are taken with Anne.

Winter regards

Winter brings beautiness into our garden, some pictures from us.

Welcome New Year 2014

Warmest thanks to my friends, owners of Midian’s dogs and co-operation partners for the year 2013. We’ll see what this year brings along with :)

Some highlights from last year:
The time with the gorgeous loan-boy Phantom (FI CH Miyamoto Takuan) passed quickly. He is such a gorgeous teddy bear, I only hope I could have kept him with myself here in Finland. Phantom was everything I hoped for. I’m very grateful that I could keep him such a long time. Phantom left few nice litters to Finland and to Russian… There is already one offspring who got a Winner-13 title from Helsinki at the end of last year, and the best puppy was Midian’s dog, an offspring of Phantom also. Hopefully this year we get more great results to Phantom’s offspring. The temperament has been great, health checks are made when they get more older, so I’m excited to see the next years to come.

I returned Phantom to his home to Porto, Portugal at September. Phantom’s owner Dulce was there waiting for us. Thank you my dear friends Manuel, Jose, Dulce and Luis for these wonderful opportunities that I got with Kramer and Phantom. I’m considering getting a new loan male from abroad and I some males has been offered already, but I haven’t decided the time yet, nor I haven’t decided which male it would be. There is a really big responsible with loan males and would like to share this with another breeder, and the costs. I can tell that it’s not cheap to fly big dogs with big boxes that don’t fit into a cheap airline planes. I will get back on this when the time is right. But I’m willing to hear if you are considering to cooperate with me on this matter. Below most resent pictures me, Phantom and Dulce.

At shows these dogs were awarded with Championship titles (own dogs and dogs bred by me):
Fin CH Midian's Xtra Cool "Ando"
Fin CH Midian's Chief "Kuma"
Fin CH Midian's Cayenne "Nuka"
Fin CH Readbear's Einstein To Midian's "Pedro"

THIS MEANS THAT THERE ARE NOW 40 CHAMPIONS OF MIDIAN’S AMERICANAKITAS, and some of them are also international champions and champions of other countries. My biggest thanks to the owners, this is a really great achievement, WELL DONE WE!! Almost all litters are from outbreeding so the appearance is not repeated with lining. I’m very satisfied with the results. I think now I have enough base to start lining, if necessary, we’ll see. I love the old american type lines so it might be that go on as now and I’ll try to get the old and functional line even more.

Among the new champions, also these youngsters, adults and veterans got wonderful succeeded:
Winner-13 and Nordic Winner-13 shows:
VW-13, NORDVW-13 Fin, Est CH Midian's Impressive Bear "Elvis"
NORDVW-13 Kiarrys Jeeze Louise "Weezer"
Midian's Fernet Uma Branca BOB-puppy "Uma"

Wonderful veterans at other shows:
Aiko (M.Dayshimmer Girl)
Elvis (M.Impressive Bear)
Sandra (M.First Sakurano)
own Beagle boy Rusty (K-run Windkist Rustig Ridge)

Other successfuls:
Zumba (M. Zumba), Ziva (M. Chili), Mocha (M. Dark Shadow), Saga (M. Baywatch Babe), Kirppu (M. Black Dahlia), Zorro (M. El Zorro), Han (M. Uniue Bear). Foxhounds: Aurora (M. Aurora Kiarry), Hilima (M. Häjy Hilima), Särö (M. Häjy Hanski; also successful at obedience), and Eetu (M. Ghost) who was once BIS-4 at Joensuus!!
There could be some others, but here are those who entered shows more often. Congratulations objectively to all, a great year behind. I hope lots of success to all to this year :)

Best 2013 tracking American Akita was again Ruuti (Timberlake Bear), huge congratulations Erja and Ruuti!

Promising American Akita puppies were made. We are definitely going to hear more about them at this year. Last year I didn’t had any puppy plans for the Beagles, so we’ll see what happens with my cooperation female this year.

At this point I want to thank all the familiar faces and even unknown breeders who contacted me sharing their experiences and disappointments what happened to me at 2012. It seems that we could talk about some kind of an epidemic, because Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira informed that they will look-in-to the reasons of a strange deaths of dog puppies at Finland. Also my dead puppies (at 2012) were sent to Evira for autopsy and I haven’t had any more deaths after autumn 2012. I hope the problem is won and I don’t ever have to go through that again. I suggest all to vaccine your females against Herpes. Small litters, empty females and dead puppies strongly point to the virus. Surely there are lots of other viruses that are not talked about. I will be happy to tell more if someone needs help for the similar situation, but vets are the most qualified people to turn to. And nowadays most of the vets have vaccinations at their storages. Surely not all the born puppies are always viable and I don’t mean that every single dead puppy is necessary to check against the virus. But if you lose almost all puppies from two different litters, like I did, it’s very strange. At least with me, because until the autumn I had lost only few puppies and those were almost every time dead when they were born. It’s rare to lose puppies with American Akitas, at least in my breedings. American Akitas are good giving birth and they don’t have same kind of problems like there are in many other breeds… surely dam’s big size is first a problem because they can easily choke puppies by laying down on the puppies.. Oh well, I wish all the fortune with breeding. It is hard work and demands a lot. Good luck to you all.

Big thanks to Emilia for updating my homepages!

With these feelings we will start a new year 2014, good luck and success to us all!!