NEWS 2015

5.-6.12.15 Helsinki Winner and Winner 2015

Saturday Judge Ricardo F. Saldana

Midian's Iltatähti "Sepe" jun/exc2 sq

Midian's Illan Lumous "Umi" jun/exc4

Sunday Judge Matti Tuominen

Midian's Illan Lumous "Umi" jun/vg4

Thank you judges.

21.11.15 INT Jyväskylä

Judge Steven H. Seymor, UK

Midian's Häjy Hanski "Särö" open/exc1 sq bm1 cacib bos!

Thank you judge.

21.11.15 INT Jyväskylä

Judge Marja Talvitie

Midian's Harmony "Effi" interm./exc2

Thank you judge.

25.10.15 Lahti Puppy show

Judge Erika Häkkinen

Midian's Iltatähti "Sepe" pup1 hp bob bog4!

Thank you judge.

25.10.15 INT Seinäjoki

Judge Tapani Pukkila

Midian's Ilkeä Iiro "Iiro" open/exc1 sq bm1 Cacib bob

Thank you judge.

24.10 Orimattila Mental test

Judges Mikael Laine & Johanna Cederlöf

New Finnish Champion!
Bode Dei Patrizi Romani "Bode" 110 points

Bode is new Finnish Champion! He cleared official mental test with 110 points. Thank you Erika for a lovely day and food. Thanks to the organizers and judges.

24.10.15 INT Seinäjoki

Judge Malgorzata Supronowicz

Great Flame's No One Like You "Bentley" jun/exc1 sq bm4 res-cac

Thank you judge.

17.-18.10.15 Rakvere

18.8. Judge Antonio Lorenzo

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" ch/exc1 sq bm1 bos

Midian's Harmony "Effi" jun/exc1 sq bb2 jun-cac bob-Junior

17.8. Judge Roberto Schill

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" ch/exc1 sq bm1 cac bos EST CH

Midian's Harmony "Effi" jun/exc1 sq bb2 jun-cac bob-Junior

Thank you judges.

30.8.15 American Akita Speciality (60 entered)

Judge Nancy S. Amburgey, USA

Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" ch/exc1 sq bb1 bos!!!!
Midian's Kind Queen "Nana" vet/exc1 sq bb4 bos-VET!!!

Rest of the results from our team:
Great Flame's No One Like You "Bentley" jun/exc2 sq
Midian's Goldsmith "Mizka" interm./vg2
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" val/exc sq
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zony" vet/exc2 sq
Great Flames Fearles Midian's Tourist 1. Super Bis2!

Midian's Harmony "Effi" jun/eri4 sq
MTJoy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" interm./exc1 sq
Midian's Uma Branca "Uma" open/exc sq

Midian's Iltatähti "Sepe" (No placement)
Midian's Illan Lumous "Umi" pup2 hp

In the picture is BOB, Super BIS1, best head, best paws, Matrix, Senseo It Feel So Right. Congratulations Heidi and Anders at Denmark. Next to him is BOS Nuka, Midian's Cayenne, wonderful and huge congratulations Niina. I'm so proud of this victory.


Woohoo, wonderful show day at Lahti together with my friends. Youngsters needs still some time, but they are nice. Old hands took placements this time. 9 years old Nana were fourth in the best female ring... Think, female of that age gets placements, it's something. Huge congratulations Niina and Eija and your families.

Champion ring suffered of heavy rain... there you could see the true structure of the dogs, when longer hair females couldn't swank with their coats. Nuka won because with her balanced structure and wonderful movement and that showed in the ring. The same can be said of Nana. Nothing too much or too little. I'm happy that my work gets appreciation, even with the dogs from older lines. Not so called show -types with colours and longer coats, but basic American Akitas with healthy structures. Thank you few who came to congratulate me. I'm happy...
I don't remember how many bob or bos victory dogs I have bred already. There are many of them over these 15 years of breeding.

Congratulations all my friends with Midian's dogs. And good luck in the future.
Thank you judge and show organizers and congratulations to all the succesfull dogs. There were many gorgeous dogs without placements this time, next year with better luck.

Thank you judge.

22.8.15 Seinäjoki

Judge Sakari Poti

Midian's Goldsmith "Mizka" interm./exc1 sq bm1 cac bos

Great Flame's Fear This Beauty "Silver" ch/exc1 sq bb1 bob!

Thank you judge.

16.8.15 Sastamala

Judge Sakari Poti

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" val/exc2 sq bm2

Midian's Harmony "Effi" jun/exc1 sq bb3 cac

Thank you judge.

15.8.15 Isokyrö

Judge Pekka Teini

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" ch/exc1 sq bm1 bob bog2!!
Bode Dei Patrizi Romani "Bode" open/exc1 sq bm2

Midian's Harmony "Effi" jun/exc1
Great Flames Fear This Beauty "Silver" open/exc1 sq bb1 cac bos FI CH!!

Thank you judge.

8.8.15 INT Joensuu

Judge Gabriela Ridarcikova

Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zony" vet/exc1 sq bm2 cac bob-vet FI CH!!!
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" val/exc2

Midian's Harmony "Effi" jun/exc1 sq bb2 cac bob-Junior!

Thank you judge.

1.8.15 INT Iisalmi

Judge Harri Lehkonen

Great Flame's No One Like You "Bentley" jun/exc1
Bode Dei Patrizi Romani "Bode" open/exc1 sq bm1 cac cacib bos!
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" ch/exc1 sq bm2 vara-cacib

Midian's Harmony "Effi" jun/exc1 sq bb2 cac bob-Junior!
Great Flames Fear This Beauty "Silver" open/exc2 sq bb4

Thank you judge.

25.7.15 INT Mikkeli

Judge Esko Nummijärvi

Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zony" vet/exc1 sq bm2 cac bob-vet

Thank you judge.

11.-12.7.15 Ogre 5-Speciality Show 2x INT show

Judge Augustin Ionescu

Midian's Unique Bear "Han" ch/exc1 sq bm1 bos!

Huge congratulations to Sandra and her family for Han's extremely great show success!
Han got the same result from both of the weekend's shows.

Han has 20 official titles: INT,LV,LT,EE,BALT,A,AZ, TR,SM,SL,CZ,MD,RU,BY,CY,UA,PL CHAMPION!!! & LT,EE,BALT Junior Champion. Amazing achievement, I'm so proud of you!

Thank you Sandra for the pictures. There is a picture of the show and bunch of other photos from the world and at home.

All the judges, thank you!

12.7.15 SSKY's Speciality

Judge Erika Häkkinen

Midian's Goldsmith "Mizka" interm./exc1 bm2 cac

Thank you judge.

12.7.15 Laukaa

Judge Vitor Veiga

Great Flame's No One Like You "Bentley" pup1 hp bob-puppy

Bode Dei Patrizi Romani "Bode" open/exc1 sq bm2 cac
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zony" vet/exc1 bob-vet
Midian's Golden Gun "Remu" interm./vg2

Thank you judge.

11.7.15 Laukaa

Judge Jussi Liimatainen

Great Flame's No One Like You "Bentley" pup1 hp bob-puppy

Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zony" vet/exc1 sq bm1 cac Vet-bob bob!
Bode Dei Patrizi Romani "Bode" open/exc1 sq bm2 res-cac
Midian's Golden Gun "Remu" interm./vg1

Great Flame's Fear This Beauty "Silver" open/exc1

Thank you judge.

11.7.15 INT Oulu

Judge Arvo Rajala

Midian's Häjy Hilima "Hilma" open/exc1 sq bb1 cac cacib bos!

Thank you judge.

4.7.15 Luoto

Judge Matti Palojärvi

Midian's Häjy Hilima "Hilma" open/exc1 sq bb1 cac bob! bog2!!

Thank you judge.

27.6.15 Pieksämäki

Judge Mari Lackman

Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zony" vet/exc Vet-bob

Midian's Harmony "Effi" jun/exc1 sq bb3 res-cac

Thank you judge.

13.6.15 Lapinlahti

Judge Zorica Salijevic

Midian's Golden Gun "Remu" interm./exc1 sq bm2 cac

Midian's Harmony "Effi" jun/exc1 sq bb3 res-cac

Thank you judge.

13.6.15 Tuuri

Judge Elena Ruskovaara

Midian's Jääprinsessa pup1 hp bob-puppy

Thank you judge.

24.5.15 Keminmaa

Judge Kirsi Honkanen

Midian's Häjy Hilima "Hilma" open/exc1 sq bb1 cac bob! bog2!
Midian's Ilkeä Iisa "Iisa" open/exc2 sq bb2 res-cac

Thank you judge.

24.5.15 INT Helsinki

Judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter

Great Flame's No One like You "Bentley" pup1 hp bob-puppy

Bode Dei Patrizi Romani "Bode" open/vg1
MTJoy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" interm./vg1

Thank you judge.

23.5.15 Kruunupyy

Judge Leni Finne

Bode Dei Patrizi Romani "Bode" open/exc1 bm1 cac bob!

Great Flame's Fear This Beauty "Silver" open/exc1 bb1 cac bos!

Thank you judge.

Welcome to Finland Bode!!

Bode Dei Patrizi Romani "Bode"

Our newest import male came finally and safely to home :) He is quite a gentleman with pedigree full of favorite bloodlines.

Thank you Nati Diestro and Agustin Ionescu for this opportunity. Thank you also Erika and Veijo, Bode's co-owners, for bringing him home.

16.5.15 Rauma

Judge Magdalena Kazlowska

Midian's Gold Dust "Yuki" jun/exc1

Thank you judge.

16.5.15 Ruovesi

Judge Esa Ruotsalainen

Something Special Of Wolf Point "Nick" pup1 hp bob-puppy

MTJoy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" jun/exc1 sq bb1 cac bob!

Thank you judge.

16.5.15 INT Varkaus

Judge Miglietta Maria Grazia

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" ch/exc1 sq bm1 Cacib bos!

Midian's Harmony "Effi" pup2 hp

Thank you judge.

10.5.15 Lahti Puppy Show

Judge Mari Pajaskoski

Something Nice Of Wolf Point "Nick" pup1 hp bob-puppy

Midian's Houston "Koko" pup1 hp bos-puppy

Thank you judge.

3.5.15 INT Tampere

Judge Helin Tenson

Midian's Halle "Halle" pup1 hp bos-puppy

Thank you judge.

2.5.15 Rakvere, Estonia

Midian's Gold Dust "Yuki" jun/exc1 sq bb2 Jun-cac Junior-bob!

Thank you judge.

26.4.15 Estonian Winner-15

Judge Jelena Kruus

Midian's Harmony "Effi" pup2 hp

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" open/vg2

Midian's Gold Dust "Yuki" jun/exc sq bb3 bob-junior TLJW-15!
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" ch/exc1 sq bb2 res-cacib

Thank you judge.

19.4.15 Kouvola Puppy Show

Judge Mari Pajaskoski

Great Flame's No One Like You "Bentley" pup1 hp bob bog2!!

Thank you judges.

29.3.15 Turku Beagle Speciality Show

Judge Pekka Teini

Midian's Ilkeä Iiro "Iiro" open/eri3

Thank you judge.

21.3.15 Jämijärvi

Judge Esa Ruotsalainen

Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" Jun eri1 sq bm2 cac FI CH!!

Midian's Harmony "Effi" pup1 hp bob-puppy

Thank you judge.

21.3.15 INT Lahti

Judge Vicky Schneider

Midian's Chief "Kuma" ch/exc1 pu3 res-cacib
Midian's Asking To Boogie "Puuki" open/exc1,sq,res-cac

MT Joy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" jun/exc1 sq bb1 cac bos! bob-junior!
Midian's Zumba "Zumba" ch/exc1 sq bb2 Cacib
Midian's Gold Dust "Yuki"jun/eh3

Midian's BOB-breeder

Thank you judge.

End of the news coming later. Thank you for your patience.

Super Beagle Särö

Finland's most obedient Beagle Midian's Häjy Hanski "Särö"
... and a lots of everything else. Särö is super in so many different sports. It takes so much from both of you!

Särö has been combiting at obedience and is the first Beagle with rights to compete at the highest category. Maybe he will be the first Beagle to gain obedience title at Finland at summer... He has been also competing at Agility and accomplishing companion dog test. A super dog!

21.2.15 Seinäjoki

Judge Tuula Savolainen

Midian's Goldsmith "Mizka" Jun exc1 sq bm1 cac bob

MTjoy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" Jun exc1 sq bb1 cac bos

Mizka's first show, and right away bob..
Thank you judges.
Photos by Erika.

14.2.2015 American Akita Open Show (41 entered)

judge Jetta Tschokkinen

Puppies 5-7 month females
Midian's Harmony "Effi" Puppy/1 BOS-puppy!
Midian's Halle Puppy/2
Midian's Houston Puppy/3


Midian's Golden Gun "Remu" Jun/3
Readbear's Javoronok "Rocky" open/1 pu3
Wolfteam's White Akbal-Bal "Zony" open/2
Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" champ/4
Midian's Chief "Kuma" champ/-

MTjoy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" Jun/1 bb2
Midian's Fuzzy Navel "Venla" interm/2
Midian's Waterfall Wictoria "Rianna" open/3

Progeny class
Midian's Waterfall Wictoria 1 BOB

I took 4 dogs with me to Open Show (unofficial show). It was nice event and we did alright. The trip although was too long to drive alone, but it's long way to everywhere from here :)

Little puppies first was Effi and she was best opposite sex puppy at the end. Halle was second and Houston third. Remu was third at junior males and Rocky won open class finalizing the day by being third best male. Zony came second at open and Zorro fourth at champions, Kuma didn't placed.

Tequila won junior females and became second best female. Venla was second at intermedia class and Rianna third at open. Rianna's offspring were best of breed group at progeny class. There is my results. Thank you all for a nice event, it was wonderful to spent Valentines Day at my favorite hobby around good friends.

Thank you judge.

After Open show there was TOP-competition. At this year the judges were Erika Häkkinen, Kirsi Tevalin and Juha Putkonen. Kuma, Zorro, Rocky and Zony entered. I can't remember how many couples they passed, but I think no one dropped at once. Venla won two pairs until she drop. More pictures coming later when I get them. Thank you Maarit and Matti for the photos.



Huge congratulations Suvi and Jari Zorro's champion title and his wonderful success. Zorro also has a good result from character test, 120 points. I'm very pleased to Zorro. It's a good to continue from here. Thank you all the handlers and of course all the judges.

7.2.15 Virolahti

judge Maija Sylgren

Midian's El Zorro "Zorro" open exc1 sq bm2 cac FI CH!!

Wonderful and congratulations Suvi and Jari for Zorro's championship title. Thank you Tarleena for handling.

Thank you judge.

10.1.2015 INT Kajaani

judge Mari Lackman

Midian's Golden Gun "Remu" JUN VG1
Midian's Real Reason "Rokki" OPEN VG2
Midian's Chief "Kuma" CHAMP EXC2 SQ BM2 RES-CACIB

MTJoy's Tequila Sunrise "Tequila" JUN EXC1 SQ
Midian's Dark Shadow "Mocha" OPEN EXC1 SQ BB2 CAC RES-CACIB
Midian's Baywatch Babe "Saga" OPEN VG3
Midian's Cayenne "Nuka" VAL EXC2 SQ

Kennel Midian's BOB-Breeder

I took Kuma and Tequila with me to Kajaani's show. The driving was interesting in a icy rain etc... but I got there. At Kajaani there were Anne waiting for me and we continued to Niemelä cottages for the night. Nice evening ended too early because we needed to get some sleep and wake up early for the show. We had time at morning until my car got stuck in the icy hill and we couldn't get it off even by trying to reverse it away. It was so slippery and big hill. Luckily the cottage owner had a tractor to pull by car up. You can belive how little time we had left and my blood pressure started to rise :) But we made it just in time for the rings. Well.. well we made it.

The dogs were successfull, although there were few dissapointments... Remu's very good was odd this. I think he will win all the males, he is such a wonderful young male. Tequila entered her first junior class and it went nice. Some of the dogs got very good and some got excellent and more. Mocha's cac warms my mind, she is gorgeous girl. My breeders class were the best and we entered the finals with it. For a change I had dark group, wonderful.

Congratulations to all the successfull dogs and thank you my friends for a lovely day... Sure I had some driving to do but I think this already is a rutine. Thank you Anne for arranging the cottage and lovely company. Thank you Lotta for handling help with Remu, we'll see you :)

Thank you judge.
(Unfortunately Saga and Rokki are missing from the photos)

Welcome New Year 2015

My warmest thanks to all my friends, Midian's dogs owners and all the co-operation people for the passed year 2014.

I took some brake from shows last year and I just focused my energy for the relevant. I entered few shows and most of these were puppy classes with mine and Erika's USA import girl Tequila... and she did so great that she was awarded for the most winning American Akita puppy of the year 2014.

In American Akitas I think Zorro (M. El Zorro) entered shows the most and he did gain nice success, many cacs and 2 cacibs etc.
Venla (M.Fuzzy Navel)
Kuma (M.Chief)
Nuka (M.Cayenne)
Ziva (M.Chili)
Rokki (M.Real Reason)
Rochy (Readbear's Javoronok) also gained success in those few shows they entered.
Ebba (M.Eternall Flame)
Konsta (M.King Of The North)
Elvis (M.Impressive Bear) got wonderful success from veteran classes.

Gomi (M.Goblin)
Iiro (M.Ilkeä Iiro)
Särö (M.Häjy Hanski)
gained name and glory in few shows.
We enterd Champions & Champions gala with Eetu (M.Ghost). The experience was nice also the second time, thank you Päivi Sorvari.

American Foxhounds
Weezer (Kiarry's Jeeze Louise) WWV-14!
Aurora (M.Aurora Kiarry) WW-14!
got World Winner 2014 titles!! Amazing, and this is why they are not entering any shows... There is nothing left to win and gain.

Congratulations to also other my bred dogs. Some results can be mistakenly forget to mention. My regards to all "Sofa Champions", I would love to hear from you and get photos. There are so many of my breed dogs so I can't contact everyone of you by myself. Thanks to all of you how have time to send me your dog's hellos. So many times I only get a word when dogs are passed away :(

Hurray, character tests have been very nice with my bred dogs. I suggest you all to take these tests. Those tests are nice and tells you more about your dogs nerves etc... Now we have to do the test before American Akitas can achieve finnish champion title.

I hope all the luck and success to my puppies who were born last year and moved to their new families. I hope we hear about them more at this year.

I have new energy and great plans for this year to achieve. The year will show what will happen with shows and breedings.

Thank you Emppu for updating my sites and huge congratulations for the wonderful and successfull breeding work with Japanese Akita. Congratulations for the Vuolasvirta award, kennel Viribus Unitis/Akita.

Thanks again with all of you my friends for the passed year! I'm privileged to own this many wonderful people around me! Thank you all who own a Midian's dog to continue my breeding work. Good luck and lots of success to each and everyone of us!

FRIENDS!! Let's make this year 2015 a GREAT year!!!