Miyamoto Takuan

Welcome to Finland Phantom!!

Phantom is very strong male, like a teddybear. Especially his head is wonderful; wide and impressive. I'm very critical when it comes to American Akita's heads. I want them to be big with strong muzzles and this gentleman has it all. Phantom's structure and bones are strong.

Phantom is a playfull boy, confident, fearless and don't hesitate when it comes to new things. Very easy and nice male.

Pedigree is full of great dogs and also the same line with my first American Akita litter. There is also wonderful Akiko's line. I'm interested to see what kind of offspring Phantom will have in Finland if plans works out.

Health results: Hips B-B, elbows 0-0 and healthy eyes.
Brucella canis: negative

Warm thanks for this great opportunity to the Phantom's owners José Del Moral Moya and Dulce Moreda, and his breeder Luis Matilla Besada.

Phantom's pedigree is here